Polar Fleece

There are some things in our modern society that are really good improvements…. others maybe not so much.  Perhaps more on that later…..   The improvements of fabric and the invention of Polar Fleece is an improvement that’s really good, in my humble opinion!

I’ve been lazy today.  (I know…. lucky me!)  I was suppose to go to a meeting this afternoon, but the headache I’d been sporting all night hadn’t gone away by the time I needed to get ready…. so I opted out.  Consequently. I’ve been sitting around in my PJ’s today!

Last night I put on a clean pair of jammies with polar fleece bottoms.  I had been so cold the night before by the time I got to bed that I had to throw an extra blanket over me to even warm up.  I thought I’d see if the fleece bottoms would take the place of a blanket…. and they did!  With fuzzy socks on my feet and the fleece wrapped around my legs by way of jammie bottoms, I was nice and cozy all night long!

My easy chair sits a few feet away from the window area in our family room, so at certain times of the day it can get cold.  I usually have a little blanket across my lap.  Today with my PJ’s still on, I was nice and warm… though I still used the blanket.  I truly do love being warm and cozy…. not hot like summer heat…. just cozy.

I’m so grateful for polar fleece today!  It’s a wonderful fabric that is used in jammie bottoms, jackets, hats, gloves, blankets and probably a host of other things!  I’d be surprised if you didn’t have something made at fleece at your house right now!  Go cozy up if you’re cold!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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