My Eyes

Several months back I blogged about being grateful for my eyesight.  I re-read that post a minute ago and realized how much better off I am visually right now than I was then!

I was working on some projects today.  During some of the time I put on my reading glasses, but I haven’t had to use them as much in the last few weeks.  Last February when I talked about my eyesight, I mentioned that I was having a hard time seeing really clearly, but I was at least grateful for what vision I do have.

I’ve struggled with some dry eye issues for the last several years.  But this last visit to my eye doctor a few weeks ago made a huge improvement in my vision.  It seems my eyesight works better when all four tear ducts are plugged, and I had lost a couple of plugs, one in each eye.  Getting those replaced was like an immediate improvement in my eyesight!  It’s amazing how much they help with the dry eye problem.

As I was working with those small objects today… (i.e. beads)….. I was so grateful that my eyesight was doing so much better.  I looked up around the room and started looking at the Christmas decorations I have out and I thought to myself… “Oh… I don’t think I’d like it very much if I couldn’t see these to enjoy them!”

This time of year I love seeing all the Christmas lights.  It brings so much joy to me.  My husband thinks I’m kind of silly about the light thing, but I really do enjoy it!  It makes me feel in the Christmas spirit so much!

When we lived in our Murray home, our neighbors used to tell us how much they enjoyed coming around the corner and seeing all the lights on our house.  I think the thing they liked the most was the big tall Christmas tree that stood right in the center of my tall windows.  It had a gazillion lights on it, so it was very festive.  I believe I had a couple of neighbors tell me how much they would miss those when we moved.  Frankly…. I kind of miss them too.  Since we live in a condo now…. we don’t have as much ‘house’ to put lights on the outside and my tree is inside my house, not by a window.  But I still like them!

I’m grateful I can see the sights, hear the sounds, taste the smells and most of all feel the feelings of Christmas time!  That covers just a little bit more than just my sight…. but I just don’t think Christmas would be the same without it all!  I’m so grateful I’ve been blessed with healthy senses!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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