I love surprises…… don’t you?  Especially when you are the giver of the surprise.

Tonight I got to participate in a fun surprise for my old Ward.  (For those who don’t know what a Ward is….. it’s the people I attended church with in the area I used to live).  One of my friends that still lives in that area was in charge of the entertainment for the Adult Ward Christmas Party.  She had already lined up a wonderful Bell Choir to come perform, but decided she wanted to add a little element of surprise.  So she called me and asked me if I would come sing Santa Baby in the middle of the Bell Choir’s performance.

We came early to set up a small sound system to try and avoid running into a lot of people before they came to the party.  Unfortunately, we did run into a few, so it wasn’t a complete surprise to everyone…. but I still think we had most of them stumped.  We stayed out of sight for most of the time, so that helped.

We set it up so that the Bell Choir would introduce a special number, and act like it was a number they were doing, and then I would come around the corner singing Santa Baby instead!

It worked out great.  The director of the Bell Choir played it very well.  She even had her choir members turn their bells so they wouldn’t make noise and act like they were starting a new song and instead my music came on from the back of the room and in I walked with my feather boa and cordless mic and headed straight for the Bishop.  He was one that had seen me there earlier and was probably suspicious that something was up…. I just don’t think he knew what!

My husband told me that as I started the song….. a few of the other men at the Bishop’s table got up and moved away from the table.  Ha ha ha……  it didn’t really matter, because my goal was to make it around the room as much as possible and play to as many men as I could in one song!

It was so much fun singing… and embarrassing for a moment….  some of my old friends and neighbors!  Too bad I couldn’t get to more of them!  If it hadn’t been such a big secret about me singing…. I could have scoped the room out before hand and seen where people were sitting that I knew.   There were a couple of people that I would have for sure gone to had I seen them!  But I still had a great time.  PLUS…. we got to eat the delicious dinner that was being served!  Now that’s a perk!

I’m grateful Denise gave me the opportunity to have fun with my old Ward tonight.  It’s so great to see people that you were neighbors with for over 20 years!  I adore and miss that ward and the people in it.  It’s always good to see them.  There are so many other neighbors in the area I would love to visit with again.  I was very blessed to have been able to raise my family during their most critical years in such a wonderful area.  I hope those that were there tonight enjoyed my surprise!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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