This post is a little late…. I should have done it last Sunday on her birthday.   That’s been my goal this year is to blog about special people in my life on their birthdays.  Obviously, I haven’t done it for everyone of them….. but I’ve tried to cover some family members for sure.

My mother in law, Freddie Copier, is an amazing woman.  Just to know her history and where she came from and went through as a child is almost mind boggling….  She survived through so much in her younger years.  Left an orphan at the age of only 11 and during hard economic times in Holland…. she and her younger siblings were shuffled back and forth between families that were willing to take care of them for a few years.  The older siblings were forced to find work and support themselves.

As I read her history, I’m amazed that she was always seemed to be able to stay cheerful.  Today…. she is a woman of unbelievable charity and love.  She raised 12 children, all of whom never really went without the necessities of life and probably had it much better than she did as a young girl.

To this day…. even in her late 80’s…..  Freddie is still concerned about other people.  She and Govert are constantly visiting the sick members of their church and neighborhood.  I’m not even sure she could tell you how many years she was compassionate service leader in her ward.  And it all came naturally to her.  I  believe the mothering instinct is imbedded in her so deeply, that not only could she be a Mother to her own 12 children… but to tons of other children too.  Just ask any of the neighbors how much of a help she’s been to them over the years.

I’m so grateful for her example of unconditional love.  I’m grateful for the many hours she spent taking care of my kids when they were little.  She was always willing to help.  If only we could all have a small portion of the compassion she shares the world would be a much better place!  Love you, Freddie!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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