25 Random Things About Me

I was going through some of my Facebook notes and came across this one I sent out almost three years ago.  What an eye opener in some ways.  It represents my personality very well…  though there have been a few changes in circumstances that I’ve updated with an editorial note… or not….  but I thought it was still pretty accurate about me.

It was originally sent out as a challenge from your Facebook friends.  You were suppose to list 25 thing about you and tag your friends and they were suppose to do the same thing with things about them.  After I read it today…. I was actually very grateful I had gone through the challenge!  It’s kind of a nice thing to have a record of.  It’s pretty insightful to how you were feeling at the time.  I thought it might be fun to share it with you here.  I hope you enjoy learning a little more about me!

Here I am 'pretending' to sign autographs at the Hale Theater 25 Year Gala party last year. They made us feel like stars as we arrived. Very fun


1. Performing is a passion of mine. It’s true that it can become an addiction. And it’s not just hearing the applause……. It’s the joy of sharing your talents with others.

2. I’m proud of and thrilled that all my children are performers and love to perform too. I think they caught the bug! And gosh dang it…. If I say so myself…. They are GOOD! So are their sweethearts! How lucky is that!

3. My husband is a peach. The best. Patient and loving and just the best person. I’m awfully lucky and extremely grateful.

4. I adore old movie musicals. Have since I was a kid. Boy, if this generation only knew how lucky they were to have all of that at their disposal!! I remember being soooooo excited at Thanksgiving time just anticipating “The Wizard of Oz” coming on TV!! It was like a Thanksgiving tradition! We had to wait a WHOLE year to see it again!! Sure glad for channels like TMC and AMC! Anything at our disposal on DVD??? Pretty amazing…. And fun!

5. It’s hard to believe as athletic as my husband is that I don’t’ really enjoy sports much. Except for softball and probably volleyball. Basketball is ok too, but football!!!!! I HATE it!! Drives me nuts that it takes 3 hours to play 40 minutes of a ballgame! I’m glad my boys never played football. Although they harass me that I didn’t let them. Too dangerous of a sport in my opinion! Oh, I’ll sit through a big game just to be supportive of a family activity…..but I don’t really enjoy it much!

6. My favorite candy bar in the world is an Almond Joy. I’m a coconut fiend!! Couldn’t ask for a better treat! Except maybe a good soft macaroon cookie! Of course…. I’m happy with anything with chocolate and caramel too! Oh……and don’t forget BLACK licorice!! The REAL kind! None of this black vines stuff…. I mean real licorice. Twizzlers is great, but my new favorite is the kind Costco sells. I can’t remember the name but it’s an ‘Aussie” licorice in a red bag. Mmmmm… good! Soft Licorice Allsorts….. (Bassets) are good too. Especially the ones surrounded by coconut!  (There goes that coconut thing again!)

7. Since I’ve lost weight, I’ve come to enjoy salads quite a lot! Which is good…..since we all should be eating at least one a day for better health! PS…. I DID NOT lose weight eating the above mentioned favorites!!

8. I wish I could get addicted to exercise like I used to be back when I taught an aerobics class! I remember loving to exercise back then……just can’t get the fire under me anymore. Maybe if I was in charge of helping others exercise regularly like I used to be, I’d feel more responsible about doing it. It’s too easy to make excuses! And I have a lifetime membership to a gym….so that’s even worse!

9. I enjoy decorating things. My home, (though you wouldn’t know it right now!!), crafts (which I don’t take much time to do) etc.. Obviously I’m not doing well on bringing that joy into my life right now!! Maybe it’s because I don’t watch HGTV as much as I used to!! (LOVE that channel!)

10. My mother is lovingly referred to as ‘Grandma Shit’ by her grandkids. She swears a lot. As a young kid I was embarrassed by that though my friends loved her because of it. I SWORE I would never swear! Then I had children. Dammit! Really though……I’m NOT happy that I do it so much. Unfortunately by children think it’s a natural part of the English language! Who do I blame for that? The media maybe????…..maybe???

11. I have great in-laws! How many people will say that?? It’s true. John’s Dad is an amazing man that I love and respect dearly. Very wise and loving. ( I wonder where John gets it from…) His Mom makes me laugh. She’s a great lady with a HUGE heart.

12. I didn’t really realize how well off my family was as a kid. We didn’t live up on the “hill” in a big house (though by Dad tried to sell our house one time so he could build one up there and us kids wouldn’t let him..). The house I grew up in is probably one of the biggest in the neighborhood. It’s odd to have my Mom still own it but not live there. I guess when it comes time to finally sell it, it will be easier now that it’s had renters in it for over a year and we haven’t had family gatherings there for a long while. Though I miss that terribly!!  (Editorial note:  Since I first wrote this… we HAVE sold the house, and it was easier because we hadn’t been there in a long time.  Still hard, but easier.  And I STILL miss those family gatherings there!)

13. Christmas used to be my favorite holiday. Actually it still is…..it’s just VERY different that it used to be. I’m trying desperately to come up with some of our own family traditions since we don’t really do the ones we did growing up since my Dad died. It’s never been quite the same since we all quit gathering on Christmas Eve….. I long terribly for those old days and pray that it can become a habit with my own children…..once we have GRANDKIDS!!

14. I’m probably one of the few married people my age who is NOT a Grandma!!  I always tell people I have grand ‘puppies’ not grandkids!! They do refer to us as Grandma and Grandpa (via their parents….. our children…..) But I look forward to the day of REALLY having grandchildren. It would help if I had married children!!  🙂

15. One thing good about having grand ‘puppies’ (besides the fact that I really do adore them…) is that we can babysit and still sneak out for a few hours and not have to take the ‘kids’ with us. They tend themselves pretty well. Unless we’re gone TOO long. Then they can get mischievous.

16. I’m really glad we have our own dog as well. Though we came by him by default…. (huh, Mandy). He’s the best little dog ever and he loves us a lot! Sometimes I think it is ridiculous how much you can love a dog!! It’s crazy! Makes me sad that we didn’t have that relationship with our past dogs. They were ‘outside’ dogs and never got quite the attention Scooter gets being an indoor dog. I’m sure they loved us just as much as Scooter loves us…..we just never got to see it! How sad for us AND for them! I regret that.

17. Why do I love clothes so much?? I like them even better now that I’m thinner and I look better in them! I guess I should have known I was in trouble back when I spent hours dressing up my Barbie dolls!! I love being in ‘fashion’ but I don’t necessarily think I have to have ‘name brands’ to do it!! Thanks heavens!

18. I HATE getting old!! I can’t stand it when I wake up and look in the mirror and I look ‘tired’ after a good nights rest! Sometimes it feels like all those eye creams aren’t helping!! Other days I think they are. Hormones. That’s all I can say. Hormones. I guess I’m pretty vain, huh? (Editorial note:  things have improved dramatically for me since I started consuming ASEA and spraying it on my skin…..   I actually think I look younger!)

19. I wish I was better organized.  I have so many things to do around the house (like finish decorating….) and things that still need to be ‘put in their place’ since we moved almost two years ago… (now 5 years…  and it’s still not done!!) but I just can’t seem to get myself motivated to do it. I spend WAY too much time on the computer!!

20. Though you wouldn’t guess it sometimes…… I’m really grateful for the things I have. I’m very blessed and lucky. I have a wonderful husband… three great kids, and I have a lovely home with many nice things. I really couldn’t ask for more. Very blessed. (Editorial:  This was written almost 2 years before I started this blog!  Now I’m much more observant of my blessings.)

21. I need to be more disciplined in my business. Treat it like a business, you know? Give time to it every day. I guess that might be a little easier to do if I didn’t have three different businesses I’m trying to do!! I know I can make money in all three….. I just have to work them!! Sometimes I’m lazy…can you tell?  (Editorial note…. things have changed…. a little….. I’m not really working 3 businesses right now….  but I still need to be better disciplined!)

22. I enjoy traveling. For enjoyment. I still want to take a family vacation with the kids somewhere. I think a cruise would be the best.  Then we can play together at sea and still sightsee on shore. What a kick. Someday.

23. I won’t hesitate to say that I’m glad I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and that I have a testimony of it.  I’m grateful to be able to work in the temple, though I HATE getting up EARLY to work the early shift! I love the sisters that I work with though! Patrons and fellow workers. What a wonderful experience.

24. Someday my husband and I will own a couple of ‘vacation’ homes. One in St. George and one somewhere else in a cooler climate. Like Heber City or Eden. Man….those are pretty places in the summer. Branson would be fun too. It would be fun to go there more often. I guess we just need to do that one through our vacation club that we never use!!

25. Someday I would like to record an album that is not Christmas. Though I had a barrel of fun doing the Christmas album….it’s not marketable in its current state. (I need to get permission to ‘use’ the tracks that I recorded it to so I don’t currently ‘sell’ it.)  I would love to have something ‘marketable’. Not that I think I would become some big famous person….. I would just like to be able to sell it….. if I felt like it. An album of standard jazz tunes would probably be my first choice. Then a theater album of songs of roles that I’ll never get cast in for one reason or another. Probably a church album too. Someday. (Work those businesses girl!)

Well…. I hope you enjoyed that.  I’d love to have your comments below.  It might be fun for you to do the same thing…. take a few minutes and write down 25 random things about yourself!  You can do it.  I remember when I started it I didn’t think I could come up with 25 things!  But I did……  Try it!  Go!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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