Laughing at Ourselves

Often, we can sometimes look back on an occasion after the fact and laugh about something that at the time seemed very serious.  But it usually takes some separation of time to realize just how finny it really was!  I’ve had that happen to me before.  I can’t think of anything in particular at the moment….. but I know it’s happened to me before!

Sometimes we can just look back on things about ourselves and laugh.  You know…. kind of liking poking fun at ourselves.  Giving ourselves a hard time.  Teasing.  All done in fun of course.

I’ve had several reminders the last few days at how fun it can be to poke a little fun at things.  Not in a disrespectful way…. but in a way we can just laugh.  Politicians get the brunt of a lot of jokes.  It seems like it’s just the thing to do.  Though poking fun can be taken too far sometimes……  a little ‘respectful’ joking can lighten the mood.

Recently, I was sent a funny article poking fun at Mitt Romney and some of the things he might do in the White House if elected because he’s a Mormon.  None of which he would do of course…..  It was all in fun and written I suspect, by a Mormon or two.  Now, let me set things straight…. I’m also a Mormon.  Perhaps that’s why I giggled so much when I read it.  It’s a way of laughing at what some people might consider the little quirky ways we have.  Things that have just become the ‘norm’ for identifying Mormons.  Not bad things, or things that are untrue about us…. but little quirks like saying “Mitt Romney’s so Mormon he’ll serve Green Jello Salad and Funeral Potatoes at his Inaugural speech” ….. things like that.  The whole article was full of things saying that “Mitt Romney is so Mormon that……  _______”   and then naming some things about Mormons that we can giggle about.  The thing is….. most people outside of our faith wouldn’t get half the jokes…. that’s what really makes it ‘laughing at ourselves’.

Another way we laugh about ourselves is when we look at how we take life so seriously sometimes.  We forget that some things just aren’t as important as we think they are!

We had a very funny lady come speak at our Relief Society Christmas social tonight.  (That’s the organization of women within the Mormon church.)  Her name is Emily Watts.  She talked about how sometimes we ‘expect’ so much of ourselves this time of year that we forget the real reason of what we are celebrating.  She related a very funny story about an experience she had as Room Mother for her daughters Kindergarten class.  She told us in such a delightful way about how much effort she had put into the making of these Gingerbread Drum cookies for the 12 days of Christmas they were doing for the class.  Since she was the last of the 12 days…. she wanted her project to ‘win’ and be ‘the best yet’ of what all the other Mothers had brought to class on their day.

It was such an effort she had to go through to get these cookies made and she was so excited to take them to the class the next day and to have them take them home for their Mothers to see.  Then she said. “Do you know what those rotten little wretches did?  They ATE them!  Not one of them took them home to show their Mother!”  Of course, we got a big laugh out of that.  Her whole point was the fact that it was only for Kindergartners for crying out loud!  What was she expecting?  A cookie is a cookie is a cookie to a 5 year old.  So why worry about it and make it a big competition out of it when that’s not the reason you were suppose to be making cookies in the first place!

She made us laugh about many other things we have a tendency to be over stressed about.  It was a great way to get a look at some of the silly things we do and realize it’s not as important as we might think.  What a great talk and what a great laugh we had seeing ourselves in the experiences she told.

I’m grateful for the chance to look at myself and some of my ‘quirky’ ways and just get a good laugh.  Maybe one of the best things we can do is step back for a minute and see what we can relieve ourselves of pressure from.  We just might find that it’s more important to us than to anyone else.  Let’s just lightened up and little and laugh at ourselves!  Laughter is the best medicine!

I am Grateful!  How are You?

In case you want to read “Mitt Romney is So Mormon that….”   you can check out my Facebook post here.


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