Echoes of Christmas

A few years ago, I was asked to be a part of a live Nativity that was being put together for the community.  I decided to become a part of what was hoped would grow into an annual Christmas tradition for the community…… and I’m glad I did.

The event I’m talking about is called “Echoes of Christmas”.  It is the brain child of Virginia and Bob Baird.  The idea was a dream Virginia had many years ago, but it took a while to get the people involved that were needed to pull it off.  She was finally able to line up the talent she needed to bring her dream to fruition.

Myself and Jerry Dunn as InnKeeper and Wife the first year of the show. I know we kind of look like Mary and Joseph because the Donkey is there.... but we're not! We just are tending to the Donkey's needs.

Here’s the description of the event from off the ‘Echoes of Christmas’ website:

2008 Saw the first year of “Echoes Of Christmas” and was very well received. The event is an annual gift to the community. The performance is suitable for families, youth groups, civic groups, church groups, and other interested persons. This outdoor event features 7 performances with the Nativity as the main theme. The performances include a solitary shepherd boy; shepherds watching their flock; a high priest at the temple; wise men from the East; an Inn keeper and his wife; Mary and Joseph; and hosts of angels. Guests rotate from one musical presentation to the next led by shepherds guides. The event is produced by Virginia & Bob Baird with original music by Clive Romney and orchestration by Larry Bastian. This non-denominational, inter-faith event has become an annual favorite for the entire community.

As you can see from the description,  it’s a very interesting concept for presenting the story of the Nativity.  Each of the described scenes are set several feet apart within Liberty Park in Salt Lake City.  Far enough apart the the music from each scene does not disrupt the scene before or after it…. yet not so far that the walk to complete the visit is so long or hard.  It’s written with the intent of being totally non-denominational so that anyone who believes in the story of Christ’s birth could enjoy it.

I was lucky enough to be able to play the part of the Inn Keeper’s wife for the first 3 years of the production.  This is the 4th year running and I chose not to be a part of it this year….. but I did chose to go support it!   That’s where my husband and I went tonight.  It was really quite fun to be able to walk the path and see all 7 scenes.  When you are in the show…. you actually don’t get to see the other areas perform because you are busy doing your own little scene all night long.  It was fun to see so many people that have been there from the beginning still involved.

It’s a wonderful way to bring in the celebration of the season….. with live animals in almost every scene, it adds so much to the atmosphere.  I’m so grateful that I had the honor of being a part of those first few years of the show.   I made many friends through the experience.  It’s still something that I will continue to support and hope that others will take the opportunity to see the Nativity done in such a unique way.

I’m grateful my husband consented to going with me to see it this year.  It was good to talk to Virginia and Bob for a few minutes…. and good to see Jack… the one who played my InnKeeper for 2 of those 3 years I was there.  He’s still at it!  Way to go Jack and Shellie!

If you live in the Salt Lake Area….. you still have 4 chances to see it!  It goes through the 21st December, every night but Sunday, from 7 – 9pm..  It’s a great little family outing or date night.  Dress warm and come with the spirit of Christmas in your heart.

I am Grateful!  How are You?


Here’s a little video clip giving you a very brief feel of what the event is like.  You can hear my voice at 1:30 for a few seconds.


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