Cheerful Shoppers

I spent the afternoon shopping, not only Christmas presents, but birthday presents too.  We have 2 birthdays in our family close together this week and also close to Christmas.    So, I was out doing a little shopping today.

When I got into the Mall I wasn’t expecting the parking to be as bad as it was.  I would have expected it at another Mall up the road aways because of all the new stores there….. but not at this mall.  At first I could feel myself being a little apprehensive about the parking situation and wishing I didn’t have to do this today.  Shopping a week before Christmas is always going to be crazy, but on a Saturday besides…. that’s just nuts!

I finally decided to park toward the outer area of the mall, close to what actually may have been parking for one of the many restaurants around the mall….. but I guess at this time of year, it’s expected that their parking would be full too.  Once I decided this was all going to be OK…  I headed inside to mall with a mission in mind.

Luckily, I didn’t have too many long lines to stand in today, except at Penney’s…. for which I was very grateful.  But another thing I was grateful for was the cheerfulness of the people around me.  The few store clerks I worked with were nice and cheerful (it helps that I was cheerful with them too….)  and the people in the line at Penney’s were all in a good mood too.

I was so glad that the shopping trip today was a pleasant one.  Though I didn’t get all my Christmas shopping done…. I did get the birthdays taken care….. which is good since we are celebrating them tomorrow!

So, I say thanks to all the people around me today that seemed to be keeping the spirit of Christmas in their attitudes and cheerfulness!  It helped me to do the same and made for a pleasant afternoon!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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