Nate Copier

29 years ago today. I received the best Christmas present a girl could ever receive….  My baby boy Nate was born.  It’s not something that someone usually does….. plan on having a baby this close to Christmas…..  but it happened and we’ve never regretted it.

I don’t know if they do it anymore….. but when we brought Nate home from the hospital….. they sent him home in a big Christmas stocking, just the right size to tuck a baby in!  He was my only child that actually decided to come before his due date.  Not by much…. but early still.  By the time Nate was born, hospitals were offering a financial incentive to only stay for 2 days.  Since the incentive was there and it was close to Christmas….. we decided to do just that and take Nate and I home after only 2 days in the hospital.

Unfortunately, I had a lot of things to do still to be ready for Christmas, so I didn’t get the bed rest I should have had after having a baby …. and I paid the consequences a few days later….. but we survived and were just happy to have all of our little family home together for our first Christmas as a complete family.

Nate has always been a good son.  Oh…. he went through his typical growing years, like all kids do…. but he has always been a good kid.  He was my most cuddly kid as a child.  Until he turned old enough to start passing the Sacrament at church…. he would still like laying his head on either my shoulder or his Dad’s shoulder during church.  Then suddenly…. wham!  Over night it changed!  But I suppose that’s to be expected.

It’s been a joy to watch him as he’s grown over the years.  All of my children are performers.  They love the stage.  I suppose they get that from me!  Nate has done a little more than the other two simply because he has loved it so much that he has auditioned and been involved in a lot of shows.

I remember when Nate got home from his mission.  He said he didn’t think he could ‘dance’ and perform anymore because he hadn’t done it for so long.  Before Nate’s mission, my friend and I directed a children’s’ performing group of which Nate was a part all 6 years we did it.  The kids in the group did choreography to the music they sang, so he had a little dance experience.  Nothing major….but experience in movement.  I just kind of giggle thinking back on his lack of confidence in himself when he got home.  He fell right back into it very easily.  His confidence has certainly changed over the years.

One of the many performing opportunities he’s had in performing has been to perform out at Lagoon…. an amusement park just north of where we live.  To have him perform there was kind of a full circle moment for me.  The group I sing with performed out at Lagoon for 7 seasons during the late 70’s and early 80’s….. so to have one of my own kids ‘follow’ in my footsteps and perform out there was very fun for me.

I am so proud of the fine young man Nate has become.  He is a very caring person and very fun loving.  We are so happy with the things he is doing with his life.

Our first family photo.

I’m so grateful to have such a fine son and feel so lucky to have 3 wonderful children.   I feel very blessed that I have what I would consider to be a close family.  And not just in age….. though, yes…. they are close in age…. but we get along very well and care for each other very much.  I’m so grateful for that.

Happy 29th Birthday Nate!  Thanks for being you and for continuing to bring joy into our lives!  We love you!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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