What a Feeling!

There’s something about knowing you are helping someone else that just feels really good.  Like nothing else does.

I’m proud of my little family.  We decided last year to try to make a bigger deal out of each other’s birthday’s and then make Christmas more of what it should be….. celebrating the birth of our Savior by helping others who need it more that we do.

We were a little late getting started on exactly what we wanted to do this year….. but perhaps that was fate.  Because we were late, we ended up being able to contribute to a Sub for Santa that my niece was organizing…. and it happened to be for someone that we know, so it made it even more special. Our family was able to make a fairly significant  (for us anyway)  cash contribution today that will be able to help with other needs this family may have.

It felt so good to hand over that money for something like that!  It felt so much better than going out and spending it on gifts that I’m not even sure they will like, but feeling like you need to get something…. ya know?  So often I just feel like it’s mindless shopping for someone who doesn’t really need anything.  But giving it to someone in need? ….. Now that feels good.  Really good.

In the process of our contribution, a story was shared with me of a Sub for Santa that was done years ago.  I was so impressed and touched by the story that I would like to share it with others.  But not here…. not now.  I feel like it’s something that needs to be written out in a beautiful way…. not just a hap-hazard blog post.  Someday I hope to share it with you.

I’m so grateful to have been able to hear this story.  I’m grateful to the people who shared it with me.  I’m grateful for the opportunity our family took to share with someone who needs it more that we do.

I am now recalling another time that my kids got to participate in a Sub for Santa as young children.  Our ward Primary (the children’s organization within our church) did a Sub for Santa years ago when I was the Primary President.  Since I was President….. my little family got the pleasure of being able to deliver that Sub for Santa.  It was an honor and very humbling.  It really makes you realize how lucky you are.  I think it was a real eye opener for our kids.  Even though they were small…. I think it had an impact on them.

I look forward to giving to others becoming a new family tradition for us….. one that hopefully we can expand on as the years go by.  I’m grateful to 3 wonderful kids who felt perfectly fine with drawing names this year and then setting a limit on the gift price…. then in turn giving the money they would have spent on other gifts to someone else.  I’m incredibly proud of them and hope that they feel as good about it as I do!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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