Christmas Cheer

The other day I made a post about Cheerful Shoppers.  A while back I made one regarding Kind Clerks.  Well…. I guess that’s not always the case…. but it can be!

Yesterday my husband and I ran a quick errand at Walmart.   Now…. you are suppose to be greeted ‘cheerfully’ when arriving at Walmart.  After all…. there are Walmart Greeters at the door.  I actually believe we were greeted cheerfully… but it was after that that seemed to go downhill.

I stopped in the fabric area at Walmart to check on something and asked the employee there a question.  She answered me, but not very cheerfully.  Now…. I’ll give this girl the benefit of the doubt.  She did not look well.  In fact, within a few seconds she asked a co-worker if she could cover for her because she needed to take a break.  OK…..  her I will forgive.  Illness can make anyone grumpy.

We then proceeded to the photo area to print off some photographs.  Since we hadn’t used the self service photo area at Walmart before…. we went into the area in the back of the store where the workers do the photos for you.  I couldn’t see the self serve machine, so I asked the clerk where it was.  She answered me……. not cheerfully at all.

After we printed our photos, we took them back to the photo counter to pay for them.  It was a different clerk that waited on us this time.  She, uncheerfully, took our photos, put them in a package and rang up our total.  We paid and said thank you to which she didn’t reply…. didn’t smile…… just didn’t…. anything.  Just like the other gal working there.  They just didn’t.  They were just ‘existing’…. waiting for the day to be over.  Sadly, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

Now, when we reached the check out stand at the front of the store, the clerk there was a little better.  Still not as cheerful as I would have hoped…. but at least not dreary like the girls in the photo area.

Now…. I know how it is hard to be working retail at Christmas time.  I did that plenty when I was youth.  I know it can get tiring and you can deal with some really awful people.  But, I think I have learned over the years, that our own attitudes make a huge difference.  Not only for the people we are in contact with… but for ourselves.

Doesn’t it make sense that the day would seem much more pleasant and pass by much more quickly if we could keep a cheerful attitude?  Especially at Christmas time!   I don’t know…. call me crazy…. but that seems to make sense to me!

I have to say….. the fact that our family made a decision to draw names and I only need to buy one gift and give to rest to charity has made my Christmas infinitely easier!  To which I am extremely grateful!  It’s making it much easier to concentrate on the things I should be concentrating on!

I’m hoping that I don’t need to go to the store at all the next couple of days….. If I do, it should just be the grocery store.  I will do my best to be as cheerful as I can with every person I come in contact with.  If I run into someone that appears grumpy…. I will take on the challenge to try and get them to smile!   After all….. a little Christmas cheer can be contagious!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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