Christmas Music

I’ve been listening to Christmas music most of the day today and quite a lot the last few days.  I have to say…. I LOVE Christmas music!  It has always been one of my favorites!

I love the stations you can listen to on Satellite TV.  They play such a variety of music….. from really old things to some of the new stuff.  Many of those songs take me back many many years ago when I was a kid and it brings back such warm memories.

This was always one of my favorites as a kid. I heard one of the songs off of it tonight and that's what made me start thing about how grateful I was for Christmas music!

I can remember stacking Mom’s old vinyl albums on the record player so that we could listen to a several all at once.  I can still see the record covers of some of those albums in my memory.  You know how memories in your head can take you back and make you feel the feelings and smell the smells, etc.?

Christmas music always represented the anticipation of Christmas coming.  Which brought the anticipation of a White Christmas, playing in the snow and time together with the family.  The best time of year.

Being a singer…. I’ve always loved singing Christmas music too.  Since I’ve been blessed to be a part of some kind of performing group since college…. I usually get to sing for others at Christmas time, which I love….. so I’ve always paid close attention to Christmas music so I can pick the songs I would like to sing.

It wouldn't be Christmas without Bing!

I have many favorites and made music my Christmas gift to my parents back in 2001.  I went in and recorded a Christmas album just for fun and mostly for them.  Using karaoke tracks and the recording studio of a good friend of mine…… I went in and literally  ‘whipped’ out 15 songs in one night.  Consequently…. there are a few places that I wished I would have fixed…. but all and all, it turned out pretty good.

I had several copies made and gave many away that Christmas and have given many away since then.  Someday, I’ll work on getting it posted to iTunes so that I can make it available to more people.  In the meantime…. I’ll share one of the songs with you off my album to wish you a Merry Christmas from me!  The pictures we used on the video remind me of the old Currier and Ives pictures and bring back memories of an old fashioned Christmas.  Isn’t it too bad that this generation will most likely never know what an old fashioned Christmas feels like?

And who could forget Andy Williams great album!

I’m so grateful that Christmas music brings me such joy and great memories!  I can’t seem to get enough of it!  Yet…. out of respect to my husband, I don’t start to listen to it till Thanksgiving…. but boy do I try to get a lot of it in after that!  It just wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

What’s your favorite Christmas song / album?

I am Grateful!  How are You?






Merry Christmas from me to you!  This is one of the songs off my album.  It’s the Amy Grant arrangement of ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’…. but it’s me singing.


4 Replies to “Christmas Music”

  1. I love Christmas music and I HAVE to listen to it from the day after Thanksgiving on through Christmas (and beyond sometimes). You are right about some of the old records. I still have them; a few years ago my daughter gave me a record player so that I can still play all of my LPs. I enjoyed listening to your rendition. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I played another one of the songs that you have on YouTube. You have a beautiful rich voice with a great range. Thank you for sharing your talents! The other song that I listened to (“I’ve Got You Under My Skin”) had some wonderful shots of your family. I was wondering after I saw them, however, if while you were at BYU if you knew and sang with any of my cousins, the Batemans? My Uncle LeVar taught communications (if I remember correctly) and sometimes directed BYU tours. My Aunt Helen taught Home Ec at Provo High School (her gingerbread houses are fantastic!). My cousins: Kim, Shauna, Kathy, Cindy and Kyle all were heavily involved with music and singing. I loved visiting them any time but especially loved being there at Christmas time!

  2. Thanks for visiting and reading my blog….. and especially for the nice comments Elaine! I don’t recognize any of the names you mentioned….. My husbands cousin married a Bateman however! I don’t know if they would be related to your cousins or not. She married Vaughn Bateman.

    It would depend on what years your cousins were at BYU if I might know them. I was there from ’73 through ’77. Again…. the names are ringing a bell….. but I don’t always remember names!

    Thanks again for visiting my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed my post! Hope you’ll keep coming back!

  3. You have a beautiful voice! We should have had you soothe us with your singing those last few hours in the jury room. Great Blog, I hope you meet your goal! Happy New Year, your fellow jury friend Heather.

    1. ha ha ha….. do you think it would have helped?? Probably not! Thanks for the complement! You have been a world traveler this year! Good for you! Hope all is well with you and that you don’t get called to Jury Duty anytime soon! Happy New Year!

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