The Reason for the Season

I guess it wouldn’t make much sense for me to have blogged almost a whole year about things I’m grateful for and not take advantage of it being Christmas day to express my gratitude for Christmas!

I know I’ve spent the last few days blogging about different aspects of the holiday and how grateful I am for those things….. but I suppose today should be dedicated to the day itself and what it represents.

I realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas…. at least not the same as I do…. but I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t take the time to say how grateful I am for that little Baby whose birth we celebrate on this day.

Christmas brings together family and loved ones and makes us do things for people that sometimes we don’t otherwise do…..  but it really is a day to honor the birth of Jesus Christ.

I’m not here to offend anyone.  You have a right to believe what you want… but I also have a right to express my beliefs and how grateful I am for them.

This year, in particular, made the holiday even more special to me because it fell on a Sunday.  While in many ways, some people would consider taking time away from family to actually attend church and worship the Lord as an inconvenience on this day….  however, I felt it was a privilege and just felt right.  We so often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things surrounding the holiday, that we really do forget to devote sometime to remember why we celebrate this day.

The birth and life of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has been a big influence in my life, as well as the life of many others.  I’m so grateful for the example His life was to me.  I’m grateful for the sacrifice He made for all of us.

The greatest gift we can give at Christmas time is to live our life like He did.  The spirit of kindness and generosity is wonderful this time of year….. but He wants us to carry that spirit with us all year through.

Can you imagine what the world would really be like if we all lived and loved as Jesus Christ did?  What a wonderful world it would be!  I’m grateful for His birth and His life!

May the spirit of Christmas be with you today and all year through!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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