OK….. I’ve talked about my gratitude for modern technology before…. but yesterday we used one I hadn’t yet used and was so grateful we had!

We missed having our daughter Mandy with us for Christmas!  It was her first Christmas away from home and I know she wanted to be here terribly bad…..  and we wanted her here too….. but at least we got to ‘see’ her anyway!

This is just an example of what FaceTime looks like on an iPhone.... this is not my daughter.

When the rest of the family was here, we tried to call her on FaceTime but she didn’t answer.  A while later we tried calling her phone and talked for a few minutes on speaker phone.  My son suggested we call her back on FaceTime and she said she didn’t really want to because she looked like ‘butt’….. (as she called it)………  We talked her into it anyway and I’m so glad we did!

It was fun to see her face and let each of us have some time with her on camera.  We even got to see Daisy, her dog….. Scooter got to say “Hi” to Daisy too….. it was pretty cute to see his head cock sideways when he heard Mandy’s voice talking to him.  He just looked at the computer screen all puzzled….. it was great!  I know he misses Daisy!

I’m grateful for this wonderful technology and only wish that it had been available when my boys were on their missions!  I understand that now missionaries get to use Skype to call home if it’s available in their area.  How great is that!  You don’t get much time to actually talk to your missionaries during that 2 year time they are away from home…… what a blessing it would be to be able to see their fare while you are talking!

It’s so amazing to think about how all this technology transpires through little wires and satellite connections…….  mind boggling, really, when you think about it!

Even though we didn’t get to have Mandy home yesterday…. I’m grateful that I could at least ‘see’ and talk to her anyway!  It was the next bast thing!  Hopefully we will all be together next year!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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