Sewing Skills

You’d never know it because I don’t sew much anymore….. but I’m awfully grateful for the skills I learned while majoring in Clothing and Textiles at Brigham Young University!  They’ve come in handy many times.

Unfortunately….. many of the things I learned I haven’t really done since then…. but I think I could figure most of them out if I had to!  Though I’m a little rusty in some areas…. I had the chance to put some of those skills to work last week as I made an apron for Ali, my son’s girlfriend.   We drew names for Christmas this year and I got Ali.  I asked Jon if he thought she would like an apron and he said he thought she would like that.

I set about looking at patterns and get extremely appalled at the price they want to charge you for them!  Holy Cow…. it’s ridiculous!  Most places that carry patterns have them on sale all the time for 40% off.  Well….. they reason they say they are on sale all the time is because they have them marked up so darn high that even with the sale price they aren’t losing money on them!!!!  $17 for a pattern at full price?  That’s just nuts!

Here's Ali in her new apron. The polka dot ruffle is the part I used my 'drafting' skills on. Thanks for modeling Ali!

Well….. because I didn’t want to pay $9 or more for an apron pattern…. I decided to use the skills I learned in college and make up my own pattern!  I’d seen a cute apron at a restaurant  that I really liked and decided to make the pattern similar to what I saw.  Even the pattern books didn’t have exactly what I’d seen, so I did the next best thing and made my own!

I went a little easy on myself by taking an apron my son had given me a couple of years ago and using it to ‘slip’ a pattern from, then I adapted that basic shape into what I wanted.  Since I majored in sewing in college, one of the classes I took was Drafting Patterns.  I loved that class.  It taught us how to take a basic pattern…. meaning a ‘shell’ pattern or what some would consider a fitting pattern, and design clothing from it.  We learned how to cut  and manipulate that basic pattern apart to create different design lines, etc..  It was great fun!

Because of that class…. I took a piece of the basic apron pattern I had just made and turned it into a cute circle ruffle.  I was amazed at how well all the pattern pieces went together!  I guess the training paid off…. even all these years later!  It almost made me want to design more things….. almost……

I’m grateful that I learned those skills in college.  Actually…. I learned to sew at a very young age.  My Mother thought it was an important skill for me to learn so she put me in sewing lessons when I was in 5th or 6th grade.  By the time I got to Jr. High and had to take the required Home Ec. classes…. my sewing skills were way advanced for the class and I found it kind of boring.  I mean…. making an apron out of a rectangular piece of fabric compared to learning to sew by being required that my first project was a dress with a set in sleeves and made out of a plaid fabric that required matching the plaid as you cut the pattern….. Making a little rectangle apron was pretty boring after that!

Unfortunately….. because of that experience…. I didn’t think anything they could teach me in Home Ec. classes in High School would do me much good…. after all…. I for sure already knew how to do what they were teaching!   It wasn’t until I went to college and majoring in sewing that I found out that I could have learned a lot of things in High School Home Ec.!  I guess that ‘s just another way of showing that you can’t ‘assume’ anything!!

I’ve learned over the years that I will never know everything and that someone could possibly come up with a better and easier way… so I ought to remain open about it!

Thankfully I learned a lot in college but know there is so much more to learn along those lines!  I’m grateful I know what I know and had fun remembering some of those skills last week with my apron project!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


I just remembered while writing this…. I have some “How To” videos I had my husband make of me making a daybed comforter from a King size comforter, etc…   I guess I need to get those finished and post them soon!


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