Healthy Body and Mind

Once again today I was reminded of how grateful I am for my health.  I’m actually reminded of that quite often…. but today for some reason….. it hit me again quite hard.

I work in the temple on Wednesday mornings.  We see many different kinds of patrons walk through those doors of all kinds of ages from young adult to the very old.  I’m often reminded as I see many of the patrons struggling with health and physical issues at how blessed I am.  I consider it an honor to be able to help many of these patrons with the things they need while they are at the temple.

I’m so grateful that I’m able to help them and that I really do consider myself healthy.  I believe that I try to take good care of myself… though there’s always room for improvement in that area…… but I’m trying to eat better and I’m taking supplements that have had a tremendous impact on my health.  I’m so grateful I know about them!

Life is so precious…. you just never know when something can come along to change all that.  I’ve been saddened by some recents deaths of some classmates of mine…. all due to health problems.  In my opinion….. it’s way too young to die!

I’m grateful for a healthy strong body and mind  (at least, I think my mind is strong!)  I’m grateful that my own family is the same way…. healthy and strong!  I feel blessed beyond measure!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


2 Replies to “Healthy Body and Mind”

  1. Hi,
    According to my cousin, Marilyn, you are her husband’s cousin.
    I am very happy folks have cousins. Your site is very nice.
    I have had two websites since 1998. My sister said I should do
    another but I will happily let you do this one. And I’ll just hang
    for a time.
    God bless,

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Jeannie! I appreciate Marilyn’s referral. I’m hoping to reach 50,000 visits on my site by this Saturday. I think that’s a pretty good goal consider my blog will be a year old then!

      So tell me about your websites….. what are they about and what are the links?

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