Home Movies

When was the last time your broke out the old home movies and sat back and had a good laugh or cry by watching?  Probably not recent enough, right?

I’m so grateful for those home movies that have been captured on film….. even though many of our movies are on a format that’s not as easy to view anymore, or the cameras that took them don’t work anymore.  We need to find a way to get all those transferred to digital format.  My husband is working on that project.  He’s been assigned a couple of big things that he has to have transferred in the next couple of weeks.

His Mom asked him to transfer a VHS tape she has of old family movies and photos.  The funny thing is…. when it got transferred to VHS format we thought we were in fad city!  We were watching a little of that VHS the other night and it was so fun to see my hubby at a younger age.  Most of the scenes we were enjoying the most was footage of softball games with his brothers.  They are a very athletic family.  It’s fun to see that footage of him playing ball at the age where my boys are now.  At least they can get an idea of how he played back then and know that he was once as fast as they are!

He still plays softball and does really well…. but he’s definitely not as fast as he used to be.  I think he’d be the first to admit that.  But, now our boys have visual proof of that instead of just ‘fish’ stories!

The really big assignment my hubby has been given is to transfer the Hv8 tapes that my sister made interviewing my Mom about her life.  We are celebrating her 90th birthday in a couple of weeks and thought it would be nice to make an iMovie of her life including pictures from her past and present.  It’s going to be a big job….. but we will do our best to figure it out.

We have box loads of family movies of our own that we need to digitize someday too.  I know it will take hours of time…. but I’m grateful they are there!  I look forward to reminiscing about our children’s lives!

I’m not sure this generation understands or appreciates how much easier and convenient it is for them to capture home movies!  There are many things that I’ve missed filming over the years…. which I regret….  but it took a very conscious effort to think about it and plan to get the camera out to capture those moments.  Now….. people can just pull out there smart phone cameras and spontaneously capture those moments!  Not just pictures either….but video.  How lucky they are!  I haven’t quite converted to a smart phone that does that…. yet…… still hoping that will happen soon.

Many of you probably have no idea what it was like to film some of the old movies that our parents took.  The huge cameras and the enormous lights they had to use to light the area they were filming….. plus…. nothing was wireless, so you had to have power everywhere you went.  Definitely something most people just did at ‘home’ because of the power issue.  I have very strong memories of those huge lights glaring in your eyes while you were being filmed!

The good old reel to reel movies that we would play for our family home movie night….  so much fun, but not very convenient!  As a matter of fact….. now that I think about it…. I think I may have some of those in storage somewhere!  They need to be converted too!  Crazy!

But how lucky we are to have had that technology… even the old stuff!  At least it’s documentation of our lives!  Before the old cameras were invented….people had nothing other than photographs for memories.  How blessed we are that it’s so convenient now and so easy to share!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


2 Replies to “Home Movies”

  1. We were going to buy a camcorder when our children were small, but it reminded me of a a newscaster’s. It was so big and bulky. I didn’t want it. And now, you can take movies from a mobile device that fits in your pocket.

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