No Returns or Exchanges!

Holy cow….. I’m SO grateful that I didn’t have any returns to make from Christmas this year!!  Yikes!

As we were leaving Costco this afternoon…. which was still more crowded than I expected several days after Christmas…. the line for returns was pretty long.  I was sure grateful I wasn’t in it!

The Costco we go to most often is very close to a local Mall.  After we left Costco we passed the mall I said to my husband, “It still looks crazy busy at the mall!”  One more reason why I was grateful that I didn’t have any items to return to the Mall either!

No lines like this for me, Thanks!

I’m the kind of person that would prefer to wait an extra week to take something back if it needed to be returned.  I realize that I may miss out on the quantity of things available by doing so…. but I just don’t like the hassle of the lines, the waiting and the parking.  Not my cup of tea.

It’s for those very same reasons that I haven’t checked out some of the new stores at another local mall here in town.  It’s the first time for an H&M and Crate and Barrell to be in Utah, so that mall has been really busy.  That mall has several other popular high end stores that bring in traffic too, so it gets extra busy.  I’m perfectly content waiting for all the excitement to slow down before I go check out the new stores.

I suppose one of the reasons we didn’t have things to return this year is because we didn’t do a lot of gift giving.  We chose to keep our gift giving to each other very limited and share what we would have spent with others.  It was an awesome feeling helping someone else and much less stressful than buying several gifts.  Even if I had received something that I needed to return or exchange this year … I would have waited till next week to do it anyway!

Thankfully all gifts received were lovely….!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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