I May Not Always Be Right! (Gasp!)

I was playing a serious game of Tangram on my iPad last night.  (Which, technically, for the iPad is called TanZen)  It’s a free app.  If you don’t have it you should try it.  It’s a very good game to get your brain thinking and seeing where the ‘puzzle’ piece goes. I guess it could be considered mathematical too…. but I don’t see it that way.  I made a post about Tangram one day last year,  You can check it out here if you’d like.  It seems to be one of my more popular posts.

Have you ever bee absolutely sure that a puzzle piece just HAD to go where you were sure it went? Didn't work did it!

Anyway…..  I was playing a game…. and by game I mean trying to complete each puzzle on that page…..  There were a few puzzles I was struggling with.  Most of them come pretty easy to me because I seem to be able to see fairly easy where the large triangle pieces will fit and then it’s usually pretty easy after that.  But there were a few games I was getting hung up on.

It occurred to me as I as playing those more difficult games that I was being so insistent on thinking that I knew for sure where those puzzle pieces fit, that I didn’t want to try and see that I might be wrong.  After all…. many times those triangular pieces fit right where I thought they would….. but the rest of the puzzle wouldn’t come together with them in those spots.

Finally….. after fussing and trying to make it work my way, I had to turn to for help to get my first ‘hint’ on the puzzle.  This is done by double tapping on the puzzle silhouette.  Sometimes those hints aren’t very helpful, but usually they are.  Once I placed the piece in the puzzle in the area that was given to me as a hint…. I can usually figure it out from there…. but I often feel a little dejected that I had to resort to a ‘hint’ instead of figuring it out on my own.

It occurred to me that many things in life are that way, aren’t they?  Sometimes we are so insistent that the ‘puzzle’ is suppose to go together a certain way that we don’t allow ourselves to try and see it in a different way.  We’ve been so trained to think that things will happen a certain way or in a certain order….. we are so stuck inside our little ‘box’ of thinking, that we don’t allow ourselves to step out of the box for a moment and see that it just may take a little ‘help’ or ‘hint’ for us to figure out the puzzle.

Maybe we are even afraid to step outside that box.  There is always a little fear in the unknown.  But isn’t that what life is all about? To learn to stretch and grow?   Getting over our fears and moving into a place of love?  I guess I could keep insisting that the puzzle will only work one way… but by doing so, I allow myself to get very upset or confused in the process of not being open to the fact that there actually might be another way.  Not just a better way…. but another way.  Our way isn’t working after all!

You know what?  Maybe I’m not always right!  Maybe I need to be more open to the ‘hint’ that’s trying to come into the picture.  And maybe that hint won’t hurt so much after all….. especially if it makes all the pieces of the puzzle fit!  Don’t be so stubborn sometimes!

It’s funny how playing a little game can bring about such deep thought!  I guess I’ll take that as a moment of learning…. one that I can be grateful for!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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