Folks from the Old Country

I realized the other day how much I love the people from the ‘old country’…..  People who migrated here years ago because of the war or came looking for the American dream, etc..  Their wonderful accents are so fun to listen to.  I’m wondering if it’s going to be a dying ‘art’ as their children grow up here…. Will we loose that charm of being able to hear those accents?  Sad to think about…..

I’m kind of partial to Dutch accents…  <grin>  My in-laws are Dutch.  That makes me kind of partial to that one….but I love so many of the other ones too!  I have some German and Irish heritage in my family…. so those accents make me happy too!   The little lady I heard speaking in the temple the other day I think may have been from Germany.  She was so sweet as she greeted one of the patrons walking in.  She asked him a quick question and that is why I really got to hear her speak.  They usually just say, “Welcome to the Temple”.  But a little conversation ensued so I got to here more from her.

I know many of these wonderful people’s children are born and raised here in the USA and therefore don’t speak with an accent.  They become more Americanized.  Which is a good thing, I guess.  I know when my husband’s family moved here from Holland when he was almost 2 , they would only allow English to be spoken in the home so that it would make his Mom learn the local language.  While that was a good thing for her….. unfortunately…. none of the kids know how to speak Dutch!  My husband understands a little of it…. but doesn’t speak it.

Where is the happy medium line in that process?  How do you make sure that everyone is learning English and yet still keep that heritage alive by helping the children be bi-lingual?  Yet…. it’s important that they all learn English, including the stay at home caregiver, to better be able to function in our society.

I’m just glad that I can be surrounded by those wonderful accents for now…. both at family gatherings and in the temple!  I just worry that within a few years they will be all gone!  How sad that day will be!  Better enjoy it while I can!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


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