For the Beauty of the Earth

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday morning is listening to Music and the Spoken Word with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (lovingly referred to by me and others as the MoTabs).  Sometimes I have a hard time just listening without actually watching it too.  Why?  Well… not only do I know several members of the choir and I like to look for them…. but quite often during a song they show some of the most beautiful cinematography of nature!

The pictures they capture are stunning!  I’m left in wonder and awe of the beauty of this Earth.  It makes me want to travel and see these places.  So many of them are perhaps even here in our beautiful mountain home of Utah, but often they are of other places I have never been.  Nature is stunning to me.  When you take the time to really look at what was created by our Heavenly Father, I’m astounded.  Including the life of all things.

It makes me wonder what the beauty of things in the Celestial world must be like!  In my faith, we believe that in the life following this (the Spirit World), there will be 3 Degrees of Glory (Telestial, Terrestrial, Celestial)  in which we may live based on our righteous living here on this Earth.  (See Doctrine and Covenants 76: 50-113).  While I believe that our surroundings will be beautiful in ALL of those degrees, I feel that each degree will be much more beautiful than the next.

We believe that the state we are living in here on this Earth now is the Telestial state of Glory.  If things are so stunningly beautiful in this state as we see them now, can you even imagine how beautiful things must be in the Celestial state?  It’s almost unfathomable to me!  What a wonderful experience to look forward to!

Today’s broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word was wonderful.  Beautiful songs and a wonderful message about loving and supporting those we love.  I was struck in particular by one song they sang today.  It’s a song I’m familiar with because I love musical theater.  But, as I listened to the words as they sang them today, it made me think of it in a different way.  Since my mind was on the beauty of the cinematography and how much more beautiful nature will be in the after life, I thought how the words to this song can be applied to us.

The song is “Come To My Garden” from The Secret Garden.  The song is sung by Lily, the mother of Collin, who passed away at his birth. Without going into more explanation of the story (perhaps you’ve read the book or seen the musical), let me just say that I want you to read the lyrics to the song in this way:   Read the words as though the words Lily sings are being sung by your Heavenly Father to you, and the words Collin sings are you singing to your Heavenly Father.

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LILY: (Heavenly Father)
Come to my garden, 
Nestled in the hills. 
There I’ll keep you safe beside me. 
Come to my garden. 
Rest there in my arms. 
There I’ll see you 
Safely grown and on your way. 
Stay there in the garden, 
Where love grows free and wild. 
Come to my garden. 
Come, sweet child. 

COLIN: (You)
Lift me up and lead me to the garden, 
Where life begins anew. 
Where I’ll find you, 
And I’ll find you love me too. 

LILY: (Heavenly Father)
Lift me up and lead me to the garden Come to my garden, 
Where life begins anew Rest there in my arms. 
Where I’ll tell you, There I’ll 
where I’ll show you See you safely grown 
A new life, I will live for you. And on your way. 
I shall see you in the garden, I shall see you in my garden, 
Where spring will come and stay. Where love grows free and wild. 
Lift me up and lead me to the garden. Come to my garden, 
Come, sweet day! Come, sweet day!

We all want to return to our Heavenly Father and feel his love and comfort.  I know we will be surrounded by gardens there…. gardens of the like we have never before seen!  Even as beautiful as this world is today, we will be amazed!  I look forward to that day!  I also feel that by surrounding ourselves with beautiful nature today, we can feel his presence  and peace there too.  What a blessing it is to tune into nature and His love.

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


2 Replies to “For the Beauty of the Earth”

  1. What a beautiful post! (Actually they all are!) Your thoughts are resonating with many of the same ones I have had lately. I was not able to see the choir today because our church is at 9:00, but I hope to watch the rebroadcast. I appreciate your take on the words from the Secret Garden. Thanks, Wanda, for sharing . . .

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