Romantic Surprises

We’ve been busy lately doing many things, one of which is trying to prepare my husbands little brothers old 1935 home for my daughter to rent.  Last Monday, August 19th we were doing just that.

My husband was in the garage working on something and I had just returned back out to my car to move it back into the driveway when I got a text on my phone.  Now…. I had left my phone in the car so I may have never realized I had received that text till much later in the day if I hadn’t been there at the right time.  Luckily…. I was there.

It was a text from my oldest son Jon’s girlfriend, Ali.  Now Jon and Ali have been together for the last 7 years.  Being the old fashioned kind of person I am…. I have always wished they would get married since they were living like they were anyway.  Call me a prude if you like, but I just don’t get today’s society.   I believe that if you love someone enough that you want to live with them, that you probably ought to make a commitment and get married.  But, that’s just me.

Anyway…. Jon and Ali have been together for the last 7 years or more and every once and a while over the last few years I would ask my son when they were going to get married.  He would just kind of smile and shrug it off.  For the last year or so, they have been planning this big trip to Europe.  Ali has always wanted to go to Europe, so they decided to plan the trip.  Perhaps Jon’s close call with health issues last summer had something to do with them working toward making that happen sooner rather than later.

3 weeks.  That’s a long trip and takes some maneuvering to work out when you work full time jobs.  Jon has been working for Apple the last several years and was able to work it out.   Ali works as a teacher at a private Montessori school, so this was a good time of year to do it since she wouldn’t miss too much of work.

Ali’s father and I have been kidding them the last month or two saying what a great Honeymoon Europe would be!  Again…. all we got was smiles and shrugs and ‘Yeah, it would’.

So when I got the text from Ali on the 19th telling me it was an important video from Hemsley, England, Please watch ASAP…. I of course immediately opened the video.  We had spoken to them on the phone through FaceTime a couple of times prior to the text so I figured they were just sending us a fun message via text.

Well…. ‘fun’ is an understatement!  As I watched the video unfold I started to scream…. and cry…..  Now remember, as I told you, my husband was working on something in the garage behind me while I was in the car in the LONG driveway of his brothers home.

This is the video I opened that caused all that excitement to spue forth from my mouth:

Of course I ran screaming to the garage with phone in hand saying to my husband….. “Jon and Ali are married!” about 10 times.   (I still cry every time I watch it!)  Now mind you…. the screaming and crying was all in happiness!  Though I feel bad that we weren’t there to be a part of it…. I think it’s terribly romantic and wonderfully clever of them to whisk off to Europe and get married!  As my husband calls it…. eloping.

They did an amazing job of keeping it from all of us!  None of us were the least bit suspicious.  While they had a couple of very close friends go with them on the first leg of the trip to be their witnesses (and from the looks of the video, marry them?) and capture it all on camera, no one else knew except a couple of people I understand had to know in order to make it happen smoothly.  But no one spilled the beans.

What an amazing surprise!  So, they really are spending their Honeymoon in Europe!  How clever of them!

Jon and Ali -- August 19, 2013
Jon and Ali — August 19, 2013

They will be back the end of this week and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing pictures and perhaps video of the whole thing.  I know we will be planning a celebration too.

It’s been an exciting week and I’m so grateful I can finally call Ali my daughter in law!  I guess I could have reacted differently and been very upset that we weren’t a part of it all….. but you know what?  It wouldn’t have done me any good and in all honesty….. I was so thrilled to have them married that it didn’t cross my mind to be upset!

As I’ve told my friends about the exciting news, I’ve ended by saying,  “One down, two to go.”

I am Grateful!  How are You?


2 Replies to “Romantic Surprises”

  1. Congratulations to all! What wonderful news and what a special way to receive it! Technology is grand! So happy for you and your family!

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