A Birds Eye View

Oh my goodness!  Why has no one ever told me about the 3D feature on maps on my iPad mini?  Or….. maybe they have and I just didn’t listen…. or hear?  🙂

I know it’s a silly thing to be grateful for, but I had so much fun with it while we were traveling through Southern Utah today.  Do you know how awesome that feature is looking at Zion’s Park or the Grand Canyon?  It’s amazing!

My husband and I were discussing how much easier it would have been for the Pioneers if they’d had that kind of thing to look over the countryside and know which way was easiest to travel!  (giggle)  Thank heavens for those early explorers who mapped things out!

It’s so awesome to get a birds eye view without even being up there!grand-canyon-colorado-river

Today I’m grateful for technology that makes exploring this world a lot easier….. even if it’s virtual, it’s still pretty dang cool.

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?



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