The Ice Man Cometh!

I’ve been having lots of trouble with my knees lately.   Swelling and lots of pain.  It’s nothing new, really.   I’ve had knee problems for years.  It just seems to be a lot worse since I had chemo treatments.

I read somewhere online that joint pain can be a side effectimage of chemo.  I’m wondering if that’s the case for myself since it seems to have gotten worse since I finished treatments.

I’m headed into the Ortho Surgeon next week to see if I may need to have them scoped and cleaned out again.  We will see what that brings!

In the meantime, today I am very grateful for ice!    Since I’ve been at a hotel the last couple of days I’ve had access to some great ice.  I was smart enough to pack a couple of zip lock bags so I could easily ice my knees

It has been very helpful.  I can’t imagine what people did before someone figured out how to keep ice cold.   Those poor pioneers!  I’m sure many of them could have benefitted from having ice around after a long hard day of travel!   We forget we are so blessed, don’t we?

Well….. You’ll have to excuse me.   It’s time to ice my knees again!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


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