Almost Perfect Weather

We’ve been in Laughlin, NV – Bullhead City, AZ area the last few days for my husband to play softball again.  The weather has been beautiful and sunny, but not super warm.  At least not by my standards.

If it wasn’t for the wind down here, the temperature would be perfect!   But the wind chill makes you need a jacket and sometimes a blanket.   But mid to high 60’s is still pretty nice! It occurred to me this afternoon while I was kind of complaining about the wind making it much colder than I’d like, that I really have no room to complain!  How lucky am I to even be here!ColoradoRiver_Laughlin_NV

I’m very lucky that my husband is retired and that we are in a position to be able to travel on occasion and enjoy warmer weather.  Especially since we got a phone call from our son back home this morning who was dealing with brushing the snow off his car! While my bed is calling me, the snow is not!

But I’m grateful I could enjoy this almost perfect weather for a few days!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


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