Generous and Hospitable Friends

Today I’d like to thank generous friends.  We have MANY of those…. but today in particular, I’m grateful for the hospitable friends we have that live in the St. George area.

We decided on the way home from Laughlin, NV this evening that it would behoove us to stop in St. George for the night since we were feeling pretty tired.  We could have drove another 4 hours and been fine, but it was nice to know that our friends are always open to having us stop for the night.  They let us do the same thing on the way down to Laughlin a few days ago.  It made the trip much nicer.  The other plus is being able to visit with those friends while we are there!chiu_t_c_welcome_friends-fd960ad04be9ee46c5fbe6ac7e2a8627

I hope to be in a position to be able to pay it forward by having friends stop by and stay with us someday too.  That will depend on where we end up in this move…. but I’m hoping it will be something we can offer our friends.

So today….. thanks to all our generous and hospitable friends and family.  In particular today, Bruce and Hilda!  Thanks, guys!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


2 Replies to “Generous and Hospitable Friends”

  1. Wanda I think when a friend calls and ” hints” she needs a ride that is so out of your way and you jump at the chance to be the ride you are paying it forward. I love yoin

    1. I wish I could pay it forward even more and have you stay with me while you are here! But alas…. you will be staying where you are needed!

      YOU have been that friend to me before by allowing me to stay at your home!

      I love ya more….. Can’t wait to see you!

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