No Better Day to Say Thanks!

Today, of all days, I suppose that it’s most appropriate for me to take a few minutes and express my gratitude for my country and the men and women who have fought to keep it free.

I sometimes wonder if we are teaching our youth the patriotism we should.  They aren’t allowed to recite the pledge of allegiance in school anymore…. where are they learning love for country?  Maybe I’m just out of the loop because I don’t have kids anymore…. but it’s a concern I have.

I remember patriotism being instilled in me as a child and then again when I reached college.   I was a member of a performing group called SOUNDS OF FREEDOM.  We sang a lot of patriotic songs and also sang other music that represented our country.  I was able to travel through a lot of the USA with them, including a tour back East of many of our country’s historical sites during our country’s Bicentennial in 1976.   It was a wonderful experience and only gave me more love of country.veterans-day-11

I hope that my children have learned a little of that through being a part of a performing group that I co-directed.  We tried to give them a little experience of Patriotism in a few songs.  Probably not enough, but hopefully a little.

And then there’s our Service Men and Women…..  How can we ever thank them for keeping our country safe?  My Dad was in the US Navy and now I have a nephew and his son who both serve in the US Army.  Both have been deployed over seas.  Luckily, both have returned safely.  At least for now.

There are so many who have sadly lost their life for our country.  How can we ever thank them and even their families for their sacrifice?  And for those who are serving now, words can’t really express my gratitude.  Thank you for doing your job willingly and for fighting for all of our freedoms.

God bless you all!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?

I love this!  I hope you enjoy it too….  Wouldn’t be awesome if we all learned to recite it this way?  And how sad is it that his foresight at the end has come true!


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