Auditioning– What Fun!


Even though auditioning for a show can be nerve wracking……  I’m still grateful for them.  And on many different levels.

First, because I always run into fellow performers.  It’s always fun to see those you know through the theater world.  We’re such an odd species!  <grin>

Second, if you are open and aware you can make new friends.  That usually always happens when doing a show, but making friends can happen anywhere if you are just….. well…. friendly!

Third, if you are lucky like I am, you have talented children you can hang around and eavesdrop in on their auditions.  Which can make a Mom proud.

Fourth, it always stretches me out of my comfort zone which is always a good thing.  There’s nothing wrong with a little growth.100% of the shots

Now is everything associated with auditions fun? NO!   But I’m still grateful that I occasionally go through them…. even if I don’t get cast. You never know….   You just might!

I believe it was Wayne Gretzky who said: “You miss 100% percent of the shots you don’t take!

Well….Here’s to this shot! Break a Leg, y’all!

I Am Grateful! How Are You?


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