Knees, Knees, Knees!

New knees, old knees, sore knees……feeling better knees.

This has been a week of knees for us at our house.  My husband and I both decided it was time to get back into our Orthopedic surgeon to see what could be done about the knee pain we both had been experiencing.

John hasn’t complained a whole lot about his knee pain, though it’s been there.  Me, on the other hand…… yeah.  I’ve been complaining!  My knees have been so painful since I finished my chemo treatments its been awful.  Sitting for long periods of time, even with my legs elevated was still hard on them.  Walking or standing for any length of time was also painful.  It hasn’t been fun.  The rest of me has recovered really well since the chemo, but the joints have been painful.i-stock-knee-pain-shot-2

John had his left knee replaced about 10 years ago and thought maybe it was time to see if the other one was in need of replacement.  We shared an appointment with the Doctor to have him take X-rays of our knees to see where we were at after 8 years and see what our alternatives were for the pain.

He gave us both choices.  He told John he could try shots but that it wasn’t going to be a long term solution for him for playing ball.  Since it’s off season for Softball he decided he wanted to go for the replacement now so he would have time to recover and get it back in shape for softball in the Spring.

My choices were to try the shots; to try to see if scoping them would help again; but ultimately, the doctor feels that I need both knees replaced.  I’m bone on bone on my right knee (have been for 8 years or better) and my left knee cap is shot.

Since we are trying to sell our condo and move into a home within a month or two…. surgery was not an option for me.  (Silly me…. I was thinking it wasn’t a great time for John either…..)  I decided to give the shots a try, since I’d never done them before and had heard some good results with it.

Wednesday, I had my first shot in my left knee.  My insurance company won’t let me do both knees at once.  I guess they want to know if it’s going to help first before they pay for the other one.  The doctor wanted to use the Euflexxa gel on me but also gave me a little cortisone with the first shot.  Man!  What a difference it has made!  I can’t wait to get the approval to have the other knee done now!  I’ve been surprised at how having less pain in my left knee has helped my right knee feel better.  Even my neck pain has lessened.  I find that quite interesting!

I have two more shots in the series to go in the left knee, then hopefully we can do the other one right away.  I have felt so much better!  It will make trying to move and pack a whole lot easier, for which I am truly grateful!

John had his replaced yesterday.  He is doing remarkably well considering.  He is determined to get it functioning good as soon as possible.  All most to a fault.  I hope he doesn’t push it too hard!  Hopefully 4 or 5 weeks out from surgery, when we are hope to be moving, will be enough time for him to recoup to the point that moving won’t be too much of an issue.  And yes….. I am going to hire movers this time.  Even my boys told me I needed to.  We will still have plenty of work to do even with using the movers.

I’m grateful his surgery went so well and that he will have time to get himself back in shape for softball.  He may not be running the bases next year (they do allow substitute runners in Senior ball), but as long as he can play first base and hit the ball he’ll be happy.

It’s amazing what they can do for your knees now.  I’ll take my temporary solution of shots for now with the hopes that I can hold off a few more years with the surgery.  Maybe by then, they’ll even have better solutions!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


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