I can finally announce to the world: I’M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!   You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this day!  The hardest part has been the fact that I have actually known about it for about 6 weeks but wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.  (Well… anyone that I knew would blab about it….).  A Girl HAS to tell her BFF’s!  I’ve been ready to bust since then…. but now I can tell you… and I’m so proud!

Let’s start at the very beginning…. well, sort of.  Many of you may know that my husband is almost 10 years older than I am.  Which means he was in his 30’s when we got married.  Now I know by today’s standards that doesn’t seem that old…. but in the 70’s it was considered kind of old to be getting married for the first time.  Especially in Utah.

Consequently, I (we) were anxious to start a family because I didn’t want him to be too ‘old’ of a Dad for his kids as they grew up.  Well, that was never a problem.  He was always in great shape and was (is) a great father and did so much with and for our children.  The problem is…. when your kids follow in your husbands footsteps as far as being his age to get married and start a family….. that makes my hubby and I quite a bit older as Grandparents than the average Joe!   Well…. maybe not…. since the average age for getting married has gone up considerably since I was young!  Anyway….. regardless of our age….. we are thrilled to be able to say that we are going to be Grandparents this year!  I am so excited.   I just hope we can keep up with our grandkids as they get older!

Jon and Ali's clever way of announcing they're having a baby!
Jon and Ali’s clever way of announcing they’re having a baby!

I’m not going to lie…. it’s been hard the last several years as all my friends have been having multiple grandchildren and we’ve had none!   Watching their Grandkids grow…..  And then as friends much younger than us became Grandparents, I would be so envious!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s not like my kids haven’t wanted to be married and start a family.  It’s just the way things have worked out.  And it’s OK.  And they know that.  I’m a little old fashioned in the fact that I prefer them to be married before they have children…. so I’m so grateful that Jon and Ali decided to finally tie the knot in August… which was also a wonderful pleasant surprise!

We have had some wonderful things happen in the last several months and year, as well as some sad things.  It was a mixed blessing year, but I’m grateful for it all.  I’m a believer that all things come when they are supposed to.  It’s just that at times, it’s SO hard to wait!

So, This year starts off with exciting anticipation of becoming Grandparents and also moving to a new home in a few weeks.  Wow.  It’s going to be a whirlwind…. but I’m excited for it all!  Thanks for working on making me a Grandma, Jon and Ali!  I look forward to meeting him/her in July!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?