Eyes to See the World

Day 1~

In wanting to take on a challenge from a friend that made a post on Facebook, I’m about to start a 30 day daily post of something I’m grateful for about my body!

Now, this is indeed a challenge in many ways for me since I’m so very often critical about myself in many ways, including physically.  This should be interesting for me and make me stretch and realize how blessed I really am physically since I think most of us often overlook it.

Wanda Copier_my eyeI will start with my eyes.  There’s more than one reason I am grateful for my eyes.  The fact that I can see out of them quite well is truly a blessing!  Though I’m not vision perfect…. I’m grateful for ways to improve my vision that make it possible for me to see this glorious world.  Having a Grandpuppy with vision issues, really makes me appreciate it even more.  Our poor little Daisy has really bad cataracts on both eyes and it impairs her vision terribly.  It breaks my heart, particularly because she isn’t really old enough to have the problem as bad as she does.  She gets around amazingly well, but is much more scared of things than she used to be because of it.  I’m so grateful my vision is good!

The other reason I’m grateful for my eyes is because I’ve always felt like they were one of my nice features.  However, I feel they are much more attractive with makeup on them.  It’s a girl thing, you know?  But I’m grateful that I have always felt confident about my eyes.  They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.  I hope mine reflect who I really am!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?



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