I Have Hair… and I’m Grateful!

Day 2 ~

Most people are pretty vain about their hair.  At least, most women are.  We seem to think it kind of defines us.  When we lose our hair, we lose our confidence.  Sound kind of like a Samson story?  Ha ha… maybe.

Having gone through chemo and the emotional tram of losing my hair after growing it out to a length it hadn’t been in quite sometime….. I can say that I’m truly grateful to have hair!  It’s taken me a good 18 months to get it to a length I’m happy with and yet it’s still not as long as it was when I lost it.  And it’s not quite the same.

I was excited when it first started growing back in.  I had heard stories about hair coming in after chemo that is almost kinky curly.  I really didn’t want that…. but a little curl and body?  Yeah.  That I could handle since my hair had always been straight with no body.  And that’s just how it came in at first!  The texture was completely different, but it had a little body and curl to it!  I was quite thrilled.  Unfortunately… that didn’t last long.  The longer it grew, the quicker the body was leaving.  Oh well!

Hair growth over several months.   See that great curl and body in the last pic?  Yeah.... now it's straight again and about chin length, but I'll take it!
Hair growth over several months.
See that great curl and body in the last pic? Yeah…. now it’s straight again and about chin length, but I’ll take it!

I’m just so grateful to have a head of hair again!  It’s not something I take for granted any more.  If only it hadn’t grown back in in all the unwanted places that women work so hard to get rid of it!  That was a pleasant part of losing my hair!  No shaving!

But I’ll take shaving any day over not having hair on my head and eyelashes and eyebrows.  I have lots to learn about trying to make my hair always look the way I like it… but hair is hair.  And I’m grateful for it!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?

PS.  Side note.  Since recovering from chemo, I have to say that I have noticed a LOT of women own up to their bald heads and just wear them out in public.  And they are beautiful!  I was not confident enough to do that, but I SO admire women who are!  I wish I had been brave enough to do it and hope that others who are going through it will be!  Own your head ladies!  You’re beautiful!


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