The Better To Eat You With My Dear!

Day 3 ~

What would I do without my teeth?  Well… I’m sure I’d have false ones if I lost my own, but I’m grateful I have my own!

Having experienced loved ones who have dealt with dentures and really hated them…. I’m very grateful for my own teeth.  I don’t think I can really understand or relate to what it’s like to not be able to chew the way you used to with your own teeth, and to have to take them out and clean them daily and to experience ‘bitter beer face’ in the mirror…..  just a few of the inconveniences of dentures.

My Dad used to get a big kick out of taking out his dentures and teasing the Grandkids with his bitter beer face, and they loved it.  They thought he was pretty funny…. and funny looking.White-Teeth

Most people with dentures are not comfortable with others seeing them without their teeth, but a handful make it a game…. and that was my Dad.  For me, however…. I’m afraid I would be one who didn’t want others to see me that way.

My teeth my not be picture perfect, but they are very functional and do what they need to do and that’s something to be truly grateful for!  I’m grateful I’m able to chew my food enjoy the texture and taste (though taste is a whole other topic for gratitude!).  That’s part of the joy of eating… chewing our food.  (At least for people with their own teeth.)  They have also come in handy as scissors on occasion.  LOL  I’ve bitten off a few clothing tags in my day.

Taking bite out of a juicy apple would be hard to do without them!  And of course…. they make smiles much nicer to look at!  I’m grateful for them and have plans to always keep them!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


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