Getting The Strength Back in My Legs

Day 4~

Today I’m grateful for my legs.  The last year or so has been kind of a difficult one for my legs.

Once again, chemo seemed to wreck havoc on my body as far as my legs go.  Well…. let’s at least say my knees…. but when your knees aren’t functioning well, it affects the way your legs work!  After recovering from chemo, my arthritis kicked into full gear in my knees and the pain was beginning to be unbearable.

I was told 10 years ago when I had my knees scoped that I was bone on bone on my right knee and that I would eventually need a replacement.  Well….. I finally gave in this last August, after another scope of my knees in April wasn’t successful,  and had my right knee replaced.veins_legs

Recovery seemed to go a little slower than I had hoped, but for some reason, after we got back from our cruise last week, the swelling subsided quite a bit and I’ve been feeling so much better!  My physical therapist told me today that I was progressing more like someone that was 12 or more weeks out and I’m really only about 9 weeks out.  It’s amazing how much more you can function when that swelling goes down!  I was having a difficult time getting around on the cruise last week, but we did so much more walking than I had been used to.  Perhaps working those muscles out helped, but it took a few days with several hours off my feet to make that swelling go down.

Today I felt like I was walking fairly normal with very little and only occasional pain.  I’m finally able to get up out of a chair without having to pull myself up with my arms.  I feel like things are much easier for me to do and I feel encouraged about the upcoming Holiday season feeling like that I will be able to get a lot more done this year than I’ve been able to for a couple of years.  It’s a great feeling and makes me appreciate my legs and what they do for me!

Getting the strength back in them and getting back to normal activities is truly a reason to rejoice!  They say it takes a full year to get complete full range of motion and muscle strength back…. but I can tell I’m headed there and I’m grateful for that!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


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