I’m Thinking…..

Day 6~

I decided that I need to start at the top and work my way down for the rest of the month.  I keep wondering if I can really come up with 30 things to be grateful for about my body.  Well… at least with out going inside my body!  And I don’t think I can!  So….. here we go!

The brain is an amazing thing!  It seems to control everything in our body.  I haven’t done a lot of studying about this amazing organ, but I do know that our bodies can’t really function without it.  brain

I’m grateful for my brain!  I’m grateful for a healthy brain.  I may forget some things now and then, (like why did I open the refrigerator?….),  but for the most part….. I’m pretty sure my brain is healthy!

Isn’t it amazing all the things we can process with our brain?  Really…. in a way… it kind of sums up everything about the body since it makes it all function properly.  I’ve heard it said that our brains really do retain everything we’ve ever learned,  that it stores it in the brain… it’s just our recall of those things that we aren’t always good at.  It’s like a library full of books.  You just have to know where in the library that ‘book’ is stored or filed when you want to recall something.

I’m always amazed when people remember things from the past so well and vividly.  I remember a lot of things, but it’s so strange to be talking to someone and have them describe a memory that you were a part of, but that you personally have no recollection of!  I often wonder why one person remembers it better than another.  Maybe they are better at filing their ‘books’ in the right place!

Regardless…. I’m grateful I can recall many things.  I’m grateful to be able to think, to be able to learn, to be able to walk and talk and all the other things my brain allows me to do.  As the attached video below says…. we really are our brains!

I Am Grateful! How Are You?



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