The Hills Are Alive With Sounds

Day 7~

Oh the world is made of glorious sounds!  And I’m grateful I can hear them!

So many sounds…..  Some may not be perceived as too pleasant, or may be annoying to some people….. but MANY sounds are a pure delight!

Music, for instance.  While everyone has their own taste in music, we each can enjoy how music makes us feel personally.  I love a variety of types of music.  Mostly music that I would consider mellow or soft rock.  Being a theater person, I love listening to Broadway music.  I also love Oldies and Standards and many other types as well.  Music has always been a big part of my life.  I’m grateful I can hear it to enjoy it!How-Protect-Your-Ears-Concerts

So many sounds in the world are soothing…. like the trickle of a stream, the crashing of the ocean waves, the crackling of a fire, just to name a few.

Perhaps some of the most important sounds in my life are the sound of the voices of my family.  Being with family brings me so much joy.  Hearing their voices is comforting too.  Just ask a Missionary Mom who longs to hear the voice of her Missionary and is only allowed to speak to them a few times a year!  That is one happy sound!

For now, the sound of my sweet grandson, cooing or starting to giggle…. even a little cry all bring me so much joy!  I’ve waited so long to be a Grandma that I relish every sound he makes.  I look so forward someday to having several Grandchildren around me making all kinds of noise!

So today, I am grateful for my ears!  Oh… and besides…. for us women, (mostly), we can decorate them with jewelry! Just one more thing on our body to adorn.

What sounds are you grateful for?

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?



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