M is for Mouth

Day 8~

It’s a good thing I have a mouth to talk with, cause other wise I’d have to learn to talk with my hands.  (though I’ve been accused of doing both at the same time).

My mouth is so useful…. Like many other body parts, but many would say I use my mouth far too much!  Oh… I do love to converse with people, it’s true, but I’ve also been known to talk to myself.  I guess I don’t have any trouble keeping myself company in that way!  I’m usually pretty good at voicing my opinion about things.  Probably at times when I shouldn’t.  Sometimes I need to learn to bite my tongue!mouth

I also love to sing, which my mouth plays a pretty big part in.  As I have mentioned before, music has always been a big part of my life, but mostly through singing.  Unfortunately, I don’t get the opportunity to sing as often as I used to, but I’ve been blessed to have some wonderful opportunities in my life to sing, for which I am very grateful.

Our mouths are used to form many words and sounds.  It’s a joy to me right now to see my grand baby starting to discover his voice and mouth.  It’s fun to see babies try and mimic what you are doing with their mouth.

I’ve been accused of being a loud mouth, or a big mouth in my day, (mostly by my siblings while growing up)….. but I’m just grateful for my mouth and the ‘voice’ it gives me.  Oh, And of course, giving kisses and smiles…..  that’s a pretty important thing to be grateful for!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


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