This Little Piggy…..

Days 10 & 11~

I missed yesterday, so I thought I would combine my gratitude for my body today.  Since they are related…. I’m picking feet and toes!

“Oh my feet, my poor poor feet!”  That’s how I feel somedays when I’ve been on my feet for a long time.  Though that hasn’t happened for quite some time because of health issues…. the Holidays are upon us and LONG shopping trips can definitely create tired feet.  Well…. after all…. our feet hold our whole body up, I think they deserve to be a little sore after a day of shopping!B52R47Have you ever wondered why they hurt so much and why you’re so tired after a day like that?  I mean…. really.  Not just the fact that you’ve used them for several hours, but the fact that your feet are connected to everything in your body!  Have you ever seen a reflexology chart on the foot?  If you have, then that should explain why everything hurts so much after a long day on our feet.

The feet are one of the main places to use essential oils for topical use.  By using vita flex points to apply the oils, they can go straight to that part of the body to help.  Which means our feet are an amazing part of our body and we should take care of them!

I honestly don’t know how these young girls wear those ridiculousy high shoes!  Particularly if they are on their feet for long.  Really?  Are you all crazy?  That’s not to say that I don’t like wearing a pair of heels now and then, but not the crazy height they wear now a days and certainly not to stand around in.  As a matter of fact, with the knee issues I’ve had the last couple of years, my current shoe choices are flats!  Someday I hope to get back to wearing heels on occasion, but for now, I’ll take the pain free flats.  Granted, shoes can be very fashionable, but I’m not one of those crazy shoe people.  (My husband would totally disagree with that), but compared to some people…. my shoe supply is not average.  And, as I’ve stated before, I haven’t really been able to wear any of my heels for a while.  As a matter of fact….. I’ve had serious thoughts of going through my closet and getting rid of several pairs.  Though I don’t think I’m a complete shoe nut, a little down sizing wouldn’t hurt, right Honey?

Another thing our feet are great for is earthing!  Have you heard of earthing?  If you believe that everything is energy…. then earthing will make sense to you.  When you walk in bare feet on real ground (not concrete, etc.) then you are connecting your body’s energy with the energy of the earth.  Some claim it can be very healing to the body.  Again… this is all scientific type stuff.  But I know I feel better when I’ve walked on grass or beach in bare feet.  It just feels good!  If you’re interesting in some information on earthing go here.

foot organ-anatomy-picturesI’m grateful that my feet take me places, that I can feel the earth with them and that I can use oils on them to help with health issues or to even prevent problems.    I guess I could add the point of them being a fashion statement too, for those shoe lovers out there.  🙂

And my toes!  Those can definitely be a fashion statement!  I LOVE getting pedicures and having some fun sparkly nail polish on my toes.  Especially in the summer time when they can be seen in open toed shoes.  Mostly….. I just love getting pedicures!

Our toes are used for gripping the ground should we start to lose our balance, and wiggling and playing “This little Piggy”.  I’ve also seen people perform amazing things with their toes, like painting and playing the piano!  My toes aren’t that coordinated….. but I’m grateful they are a part of my feet and also have vita flex points to our bodies.  Love my toes!

I love my feet and toes and I’m grateful to have them.  I try to take care of them by treating them nicely.  I hope you do the same for yours!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?



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