It Tastes Delectable!

Did you know the average person has around 10,000 taste buds in their mouth and throat?  Although, according to, the number of taste buds peaks in early childhood and declines throughout our lives.  Which may explain why little ones don’t like the taste of some things when they are little and yet grow into the flavor as they get older.  At least I know that’s how I was!

My taste buds have matured over the years and there are many foods that I enjoy now that I didn’t before.  Or, perhaps, I’ve tried foods in my adult life that I wouldn’t have before.  But then, for me personally, my taste buds are sensitive to spicy foods!  Just ask my family!200477641-001

Whenever we are out in public, let’s say for instance at Costco….. I always have to ask if the food I am sampling is spicy if I’m the least bit suspicious that it might be.  Invariably, the person passing out the sample says, “Oh… it’s not bad.  Maybe a little kick” or “No… it’s not spicy at all”.  Luckily my husband is usually with me when we shop, so I make him try it first because he KNOWS that I can’t handle spicy foods.  And…. invariably, He’ll say…. “It’s not too bad, but it’s too spicy for you!”  I’m grateful I have him there to ‘preview’ the taste for me!

But most other tastes, I enjoy.  Except maybe bitter.  Well… that’s probably not really even a safe thing to say either because I have tasted other things I didn’t like before.  But isn’t is wonderful that we can determine what we like and what we don’t like to taste? Another marvel of the body!

There are four main tastes we detect with our taste buds, sweet, salty, bitter and sour.  And apparently, a new taste they are now calling Umami, being described as detecting savoriness.  Again, most of those tastes I enjoy, except bitter.  (I know I should love Grapefruit because it’s good for you, but I don’t.)   🙂

So today, I’m grateful for my tongue and tastebuds and all the good AND yucky tastes I can taste because of it!  Besides… our tongue is what we use to form our words with, so that’s another reason to be thankful!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?



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