The Thigh Bone’s Connected to the Hip Bone…..

I’m not a big fan of the scary kinds of things at Halloween time.  I much prefer the cutesy stuff.  So you most likely won’t see a scary skeleton on my front porch…. (though I have to confess, I do have a few small cute skeletons as decorations I just remembered…. but they have cute happy faces on them).  So cross bones and skulls and the eery stuff isn’t my thang.  There’s enough scary stuff in life without making Halloween one of them!

Though I don’t like to promote the scary stuff at Halloween….  a human skeleton replica in the doctors office is a completely different thing!  That’s for educational purposes only.  And that…. I’m OK with.skeleton

Our skeletal system is quite amazing.  As is the whole body as you start to study it!  (I just realized this 30 day challenge would probably be much easier for someone in the medical profession!)

Our skeletal system is our protector, our supporter and the thing that is able to help our body move!  Just think about it.  How could the rest of our body have support without it?  It holds everything up.  It also protects the organs inside our body…..and protects our brain, a most important job.  With all of it’s connections, both to each other and tendons, we are able to move!  Yeah…. our bones are pretty cool.

There’s so much more our bones do that I won’t go into here….. let’s just say, I’m grateful for mine!  They’ve held me up through thick and thin…. and thick and thin…. and…. oh, you know what I mean!

I often search the internet for information when I blog.  This site was very helpful and informative in an easy way to understand.  I would recommend sharing it with children in your life if they are looking for information on the skeletal system, or even if they’re not!  Let’s teach them to be grateful for their skeletal system, cause that pretty much gets down to the basics of our body.

‘Dem bones, ‘dem bones!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


(I couldn’t get this video to embed. but if you go to this link you can see it.)   If you skip to :46 you can see one of my favorite dances that Utah’s Odyssey Dance Theater does for their Thriller show at Halloween!  Now these skeletons I like!  (Please excuse the news reel going at the bottom)



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