I’m Keeping My Head!

As I seem to be struggling to think of 30 things about my body….. I realized that I have left off a pretty important one!  My Head!

I’ve mentioned many body parts that are in or on my head…. but I seem to have forgotten about just my head!SILHOUETTE HEAD

Our heads house some of the most consciously useful parts of our bodies.  While it’s true that all our organs and parts are important and do their jobs quietly and pretty much unnoticed…. our heads house body parts that we are more aware of everyday.  Our eyes, nose, mouth, ears, brain, etc…..  things we use everyday, every minute, but are more conscious of since we eat, talk, smell, see and think all the time.  With all those parts put together, it is also our own unique way of how we are visually identified.  And because that is how people recognize us, much more primping goes on to the head and it’s many parts than any other part of the body.

So I think I’ll keep my head…… (smirk) since I hopefully use it everyday.  (Some days more wisely than others).  I’m grateful for my head and that it houses so many important things and does so quite nicely. 

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


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