Hey…. 98.6!

Wow….. sitting in a cold theater, or restaurant makes me grateful for my own body heat!  How cold would I be without it?  Yowza.

My husband will tell you that I’m always cold.  Which seems to be true.  Let’s just say when I’m freezing, he’s comfortable.  I think that’s kind of a woman vs. man thing.  At least that’s the excuse I use.  But it seems to get worse as I get older.

Even though at times I’m colder than I like, I’m grateful for means to keep my body temperature at an endurable level.  Thank heavens for coats, jackets, shoes and hats!  And on the flip side of temperature…. thank heavens for air conditioning!  body thermal

But even without all that stuff…. our bodies are made to try and regulate our body heat to stay within certain boundaries.  Unless we are in extreme temperatures, it does it’s best to regulate itself.  After all, isn’t that what sweat if for?  To cool us off after our bodies have been heated up?  It does it’s best to give us warning signs that we are overheated or getting cold.  Then it’s up to us to do what we need to to help it along.

Thermoregulation.  That’s the technical term.  I’m grateful for my body heat!  And I understand new technology is being developed to use our own body heat to charge our electronic devices!  Now that’s just crazy….. but how handy could that be?  Check it out here.  Who knew it would ever come to that?  Certainly not me!!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?



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