Ain’t No ‘Body’ Like the One I’ve Got

Day 30~

Here we are….. the end of my 30 day challenge to be grateful for my body!  There were days I didn’t think it would come.  Days when the thoughts of posting about certain parts of my body seemed a little too much….. so I chose not to.  But others…. well, I gave in.

But here we are.  And did we cover everything?  Oh…. Heavens no!  But I think I covered the obvious ones and stretched on a few other things, but honestly?  Aren’t our bodies amazing?pg-photo-funhouse-human-body-01-full

Today I’m grateful for the whole package….. my entire body, because everything is connected and they don’t function well on their own.  One system depends on the other system working properly to be healthy.  The whole package wrapped up together.

I’m grateful my body parts are functioning on what appears to be a fairly healthy level right now.  Am I perfect?  No!  But I am on a journey to try and do what I can to make my body function even better.  I learn so much every day about how important my awareness is in all that.  The choices I make about what to eat, or whether or not to exercise or not (even a little) make a big impact on how my body functions.

I’m grateful for the technology that is available to help me learn and understand what I personally can do to be as healthy as I can be….. but mostly today….. I’m grateful for this amazing ‘house’ my spirit lives in.  There’s so much about it that I don’t know and understand, but I do understand what a miracle it all is!

Thank you, Heavenly Father for blessing me with a healthy body and for giving me the desire to want to take better care of it!

How about you?  Be grateful for your body and the amazing things it can do!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?



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