Drink Enough Water

Even though I haven’t quite finished the 30 Day Challenge I’m pursuing right now…. that of Daily Personal Prayer…..  I decided I needed to get started on this next one anyway!  It’s one that I’ve been needing to do for quite a while.

I’m not very good about drinking enough water.  I figured by making it a part of my 30 Day Challenge, it would force me to keep tabs  on my progress.

These are my drinking bottles. 24 oz each! All 3 ready to go for the day!

They say you are suppose to drink half your body weight in ounces in order to be getting enough.  While I’m not going to share with you what my actual weight is…..  I have decided to consume approximately 72 oz of water daily.  The biggest reason I picked that amount it because my water containers hold 24 oz each.  I figure if I fill 3 of them up with water in the morning, then I know what I need to drink for the day.

There are some days that doing this may be a little tricky for me.  For instance…. we volunteer as workers in the Temple on Wednesday mornings.  Our shift is about 6 hours long and I can’t always run to the bathroom anytime I want to.  I usually have to wait for a break between assignments to do that.  Consequently…. my water drinking on Wednesdays will start much later in the afternoon than it will on other days!  And then there are days that we may be traveling…… hmmm….. not always a restroom convenient there either!  But we will do our best to get this thing going and to most importantly make it a habit!

Besides the fact that water is good for you and you should be drinking a lot…. I also have some issues that I’m hoping keeping better hydrated will help with.  My dry skin, eyes and mouth will hopefully appreciate the extra moisture!

I’m looking forward to this journey to see how my body reacts and as I already mentioned…. to make it a habit!  So….. without any further adieu…..  Here we go!

Day 1 — Well…. it’s 9:15 pm and I’m about 1/2 way through my 3rd bottle……  what are the bets I’ll be making some trips to the bathroom tonight……  OK… 9:30 pm and the job is complete!  I hope you’ll excuse me….. I need to run to the bathroom!  🙂

Day 2 — Mission accomplished!  I had the first bottle down by noon today and realized at 4pm I had hardly touched the second one!  Almost 10pm and I just finished the 3rd bottle!

Day 3 — First bottle down easily by noon.  I realized at 6pm that I had hardly touched the second one!  It’s now 9pm and I have 1/2 of the third one left.  Not worried about finishing because I need to take my D-Hist and Vit D3.  It will take at least that to gulp them down!

Day 4 — Well, with it being Fast Sunday today…. I didn’t even get started on drinking till after 2 pm!  But I did it!  It’s going to be a long night…..

Day 5 — I was a little worried about today.  Monday’s are days when I’m not around the house as much and it makes it harder to consume that much water!  I spend the afternoon with my Mom and then go straight to the ballpark to watch my husband and boys play ball.  I managed to get one bottle down before I left for my Mom’s…. but the other two weren’t quite as easy.  The more I drank of the second bottle… the more I would need to use the restroom during the ballgames.  And that’s not an easy thing to do with two dogs on leashes…..  But I managed….  Again, I’m finishing off the last of the third bottle by taking my very large supplements which require lots of water to get them down!  I’d call it another successful day!

Day 6 — Barely got it in again today!  It seems I’m drinking more later in the day than earlier.  I ought to fix that, huh?

Day 7 — Late start today with temple and being over at my son’s new home to help with things….. made it a little harder…. but we managed again!

Day 8 — Well…. honestly….. I’m not sure I quite did it today.  I left two of my drinking bottles over at my son’s yesterday, so I didn’t get 3 filled up like I usually do.  Since we were working and painting all day, I wasn’t as good about drinking so I think I may have missed my mark by a few ounces.  I’ll drink a little more before I go to bed, but since I didn’t track it as well, I truly have no clue.  I know I got through at least 2 bottles but I’m just not sure how much of the third one I got through.  Tomorrow will be better!!!

Day 9 — Another crazy day, but at least I had 3 bottles to fill this morning so I could track it better!  It’s taken the whole day again, but we finished them off!

Day 10 — ANOTHER crazy day!!  We’ve literally spent the last 4 days helping my son with his move!  I’m bushed and tired…. but I’m hydrated!  Finishing off bottle three as I head to bed.

Day 11 — I could be in trouble today.  It’s now 10:10 pm and I have one whole bottle left to drink!  A late start from church doesn’t help….. but wait!  I did drink a full glass of water at dinner….. so I guess I can subtract 8 oz from my container and still call it good for the day!  But that still 16 oz to drink before I hit the sack.  I’m gonna get it done!  (FYI… I did… and only got up once for the bathroom!)

Day 12 — Better today. It’s still taking till late at night before I finish the last few ounces…. but I’m pleased that I’ve done this well.  I think there’s only been the one day when I wasn’t quite sure if I had but I think I came close.  Bottoms up to the last few ounces today!

Day 13 — Wow…. best day so far!  Even though I didn’t get through my first one till after 2 pm, the other two went quite quickly!  And I was still thirsty!  This could be a good thing I suppose!

Day 14 — Another successful day….. even with a late start!

Day 15 — If I keep this up….. I may actually be able to drink even more water daily.  I surely don’t think that will be a problem!

Day 16 — For some reason today I reverted back to needing to drink two of my containers after 6 pm!  I like it better when I drink more earlier!  The third one’s been just in the last hour!  Hmmmm…. I think I’ll have at least one trip to the bathroom tonight…..

Day 17 — Let’s be honest….. I’m not going to make it today.  I’ve finished off two of my bottles and haven’t started the third.  I did have a little more bottled water at a couple of things I went to today, but I’m still going to fall short.  And, no…..  I’m not going to force myself to finish.  I haven’t felt very well this evening and the thought of adding more water to my already ‘heavy’ stomach makes me more sick……  Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Day 18 — I hate to admit another day of failure to complete my goal….. but I have to!  Still not feeling the best today with my stomach, I didn’t get 3 bottles down…. but I did get two!  I’m feeling better tonight, so I have to meet my goal tomorrow for sure!

Day 19 — Yeah!  I made it!  Even though I had to share some with the dogs at the ball park I was able to fill it back up and drink it, so I think I actually had a little more than needed.

Day 20 — Even though I haven’t been feeling well again today, I was proud of myself that I only had one container left at 5pm today!  But alas….. It’s 9pm and I am just finishing it off!  But it’s done!

Day 21 — Somedays it’s easy to finish off three containers….. other days it’s not.  Today is one of those easy days.

Day 22 — Today was one of those hard days….. but we made it…… barely…..

Day 23 — Today ended up being a pretty easy day.  If I can get the first one empty by Noon…. I’m in a pretty good shape for the rest of the day.

Day 24 — Only 8 pm and we are finished!!   I’m a little worried about the next few days….. we are headed out of town.  I’m going to try my darndest to get them done!  Travel days are the big worry!  How frequent are the pit stops!  LOL

Day 25 — Timed that one pretty good!  I tried to drink more water as I knew we were getting close to a ‘pit stop’.  Easily got through my three containers and then some and had plenty of time to relieve myself.

Day 26 — What a beautiful day.  It was hot enough that I was able to easily drink my allotted water for the day.  Got through the first two at the ballpark quite easily.  The only thing that will make tomorrow better is that we stopped for 2 1/2 gallons of bottled water so I don’t have to drink the stuff out of the tap at the hotel…. it was nasty!

Day 27 — Finished almost all of the third container, but I easily made up for the rest of it with the water I drank at my meals in the restaurants.  Consider it done.

Day 28 — Travel day.  It’s been a little harder today to plan it out, especially since I had a stomach ache and ended up drinking some Sprite to calm my tummy.  I know I got enough ‘fluid’ in me with the Sprite, but that doesn’t count!  It’s 9 pm and I am just starting the third container now that we are home.  Don’t worry…. I’ll get it done!

Day 29 — I don’t know why it seems so hard to drink water when my stomach hurts.  You’d think it would help.  Just finishing up the last of it before I head to bed.

Day 30 — Made it!  By counting outside sources of water I drank today…. I believe I easily made it!

Wow… another 30 day commitment complete!  Yowzers….  This one has been so good for me.  I do think I have seem some improvements in moisture in some areas of my body.  You have to remember…. I’m getting older, so the fact that I’m a little more shriveled up from dehydration may take more than 30 days to rehydrate.  But I feel the progress.  This is definitely something that I will be continuing.  I’m grateful for this experience and this challenge!


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