Day 24 of D.O.G.S.

Well…. I have NOT been successful in doing a day of only Green smoothies yet.  At least not since the first week.  I was hoping to do one this week, but we had a lot of fresh fruit and veggies around that I didn’t consider to be smoothie worthy…. (at least I don’t think I’d like the taste of them in a smoothie!) … and they needed to be used!  So…. of course…. we used them!  My husband just ordered another Bountiful Baskets that will be picking up tomorrow…. so we’ll see if it contains foods that need to be consumed outside of a smoothie!

We are still being VERY good about only eating fruits and veggies.  It’s slowly paying off.  Besides feeling better…. I am SLOWLY losing weight…. but I guess that’s the best way to do it anyway, right?  I didn’t weigh in this morning, but I can tell from the fit of my clothes that I’m slowly losing inches.  I need to let that be more important to me than what it says on the scale anyway!  As long as I look and feel good….. I really don’t care what it says!

I’m down officially about 5 lbs. since starting… possibly more.  I had dropped a few pounds just before starting… at least I think I did…. I don’t know how I did…but I was down.  So… if you count what my weight was several days before starting this, I’ve lost more like 10 lbs.  It’s all good!  I’ll take it!

My husband has lost about 15 lbs.  He’s at his prime weight right now.  At least I think it’s a weight he looks really good at.  I suppose he could lose a little more, but for his bone structure…. this is a good weight for him.  When he’s been lighter, he looked a little sickly.  Of course…. that was done on Hcg… so that might be why.  When you lose weight so quickly… I think you can look different than if it comes off slowly.  He feels he’d like to lose a little more ‘fat’ off his body.  We’ll see what happens doing it this way.  I suspect that the last 10 lbs or so that he’s’ thinking about will come off much slower than the first 15 lbs did.

I really think moving into doing this as a lifestyle change will be so much easier by forcing ourselves to be Vegans for a month.  The hard part will be limiting the other foods I want to work back into the diet.  Mostly starches…. I’ve learned that eating meat ‘sparingly’ will probably be a lot easier that I thought.  But I do love bread.  I just need to know that 1 slice a day is all I need.

I’m just grateful that we’ve taken the time to do this…..  whether or not it’s been all Green smoothies or not… it’s been worth it!

I’ll check back in with you as we approach the end of our 30 days!  Oh…. BTW….. I asked some FB friends whether or not they considered popcorn to be a vegetable….. some said yes, others not…. BUT… I was hankering for a snack one night and we popped popcorn in our air popper and put coconut oil and salt on it and I loved it!  We’ve done it a few times since then and it doesn’t seem to be interfering!  I figure it’s a good snack once and a while!  As long as you are popping from scratch and not eating that toxic microwave popcorn you buy in a store!

If you don’t have a air popper but would like a more healthy alternative….. here’s a recipe for making your own microwave popcorn.


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