Day 28 of D.O.G.S.

OK…. shoot me.  Tell me you are disappointed.  It’s OK.  I understand.  But it’s Valentines Day and I really didn’t know what Shawarma was!

Since everyone likes to go to dinner, or lunch as in our case today, for Valentines Day, we tried some place new.  Our original plan was to eat at Cheese Cake Factory and try out their new under 500 calorie menu because it has a lot of good sounding salads on it.  (It helps when your daughter works there and brings home the new menu to look at!)

We went to the dentist this morning for our check ups and thought we’d stop there for lunch since the dentists office is right there by the mall.  We’ll… Mandy didn’t end up working at Cheese Cake today, so John decided we should go somewhere else instead.  (He’d rather tip her than someone else that works there…. no offense to the rest of the servers!)

So…. since I got my new iPhone the other day…. I asked Siri where we could find some good vegetarian choices.  (See…. I started off with good intentions!)  We ended up going to Couscous Mediterranean Grill in Murray.  What a delightful little place!  I looked over the menus items and saw this word Shawarma on the menu a couple of times with no mention of what it really was.  It looked like it was maybe a sort of flat bread on another menu item, so I figured a little flat bread with my Mediterranean salad would be OK.  I would most likely not really eat it…. at least not all of it.

Well…. as it turns out….. Shawarma is meat!  Not a good thing when you are tying to stay Vegan for a few more days!  The funny thing is….  it almost looked like a bread that had been soaked in a balsamic vinegar type solution when I first saw it so I almost thought my first impression of flat bread was right.  But… no….. it was meat.  I’m not one hundred percent sure what kind…. but I have a big suspicion it was lamb.  Oh and did it taste good!  Now mind you….. this 30 day challenge was to be Vegan for 30 days.  Considering it’s day 28 today…. I think I did pretty well!

Be mad at me if you want…. call me a loser…. call me a failure….. call me a cheater….. I don’t care!  I enjoyed it!  And it’s Valentines Day, so there!

All things considered…. this whole thing has been a modification from almost the beginning.  If you’ve read my other posts on D.O.G.S. you know that it hasn’t been just Green Smoothies for most of the time anyway.  We’ve been very good at sticking to vegetables and fruits.  I really don’t feel bad about this one time having a little meat.

We only have 2 days left before we start adding an occasional meal with meat in it, so I think it’s OK.  I’m happy with the way my clothes are starting to fit and I’m confident that if we continue to eat Vegan 85% of the time that the weight will continue to come off.  At least it will be coming off the right way…. no matter how long it takes!

Oh… and by the way…. this little place has to DIE for Garbonzo Chips and Hummus with Mango Salsa.  Yikes!  I need the recipe!


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