Day 30 of D.O.G.S.

Well….. here we are.  We made it!  Today is day 30 of drinking only Green Smoothies.   If you’ve been following my updates, you know that according to the title of the challenge….. technically, we failed!

I think we had 3 or 4 days of just smoothies, but certainly not 30.  And that was right in the beginning of the challenge.  We found it pretty hard to only ‘drink’ our food.  So, as many of you know…. we started eating whole fruits and vegetables in addition to the smoothies.

I wouldn’t call the challenge a failure in any way shape or form.  In fact….. as far as I’m concerned, it was a great success!  My ultimate goal of the challenge was to eat healthier, stay away from sugar and processed foods and hopefully loose weight.  Well… I’ve done all those things, so I consider it a great success!

In fact, during this journey, I’ve collected some awesome whole food recipes which I’ve been keeping track of on Pinterest and I even ran across a website today that teaches how to eat only Raw veggies and fruits.  I watched a series of videos and Chef Tina Jo made some great sounding recipes, including meatballs and meatloaf (meatless of course) that I would like to try!  Now I just need to find a great supplier of raw nuts, cause she uses those a lot in her recipes.  Here’s the website if you’re interested.

My husband and I are both committed to tying to eat Vegan 80% of the time and only eat meat sparingly.  I’m learning there are other ways to make delicious snacks and treats without using white sugar and flour.  Again…. Chef Tina Jo had some interesting sounding recipes for treats.

Am I glad it’s over?  Well… sure, for the most part.  I’m glad because now I can have a little whole grain bread here and there and some meat on occasion.  It’s still all a choice for me and I’m choosing to eat healthy!

Here’s my recommendation to you if you want to try something like this 30 day challenge.  If you’re not ready to go completely vegan…. at least start by cutting out white sugar and flour and starting to drink at least one green smoothie a day.  I think you’ll find that those changes alone can make a big difference for you.

If you want to try a ‘challenge’…. I would recommend that you go to Joe Cross’ Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Reboot your life website and try his 15 day challenge.  Now, keep in mind that Joe Cross does juicing, not smoothies.  You can certainly do that if you like… but I prefer the smoothies.  I need the extra fiber!

OR... you can read what I have written below and give green smoothies a try.  I created this document several months ago when a friend asked me what we were putting in our smoothies.  Since the Green Smoothie Girl doesn’t really have the basic recipe on her website (though there is a lot of other good info there…) I took this off the handout she gave out at the presentation I attended.

So here’s the document I created:

“The following is taken directly from the hand out given out at the Green Smoothies Girl Classes

 Why is the green smoothie habit worth 10 min of your day?

 One quart is 12-15 servings of greens and fruit.  That quart costs only $2.50 at retail prices.  Save money (1) growing a garden, and (2) buying an upright freezer and storing greens and fruit in season.  95% of people in my research experience noticeable improvement in health/quality of life.  84% are so enthusiastic about it that they share it with others.  The top health benefits reported in my research are:

 More energy (85%)

More Positive, stable mood (54%)

Better digestion (79.5%)

Improvement in skin tone (50%)

Fewer cravings for sweets (65%)

Weight loss (50%, average of 18.75lbs)

 Robyn’s Green Smoothie Template Recipe

(yields 5+ pints of green smoothie)

 3 cups water & ice

 Up to ¼ cup Agave (optional) or pinch of stevia

 Greens, added and blended up to the 6 cup line in the blender ( spinach, swiss chard, kale, collards, celery, turnip greens, beet greens, arugula, dandelion, etc.)

 Fruit, added and blended up to the 9-cup line in the blender ( mixed berries, bananas, pears, apples, oranges, pineapple, lemons/limes, peaches, etc.)

 Go to her website and sign up for her newsletter or just look around the site.  I would suggest going to one of her classes too.  Check her Events tab for a class near you.

 From Wanda:

Here’s what I’ve been putting in my basic Green Smoothie:

2 cups water (sometimes in combination with Almond milk) Kale, Collard, Spinach, an apple, an orange, frozen 3 berry mix, protein powder and fiber powder and some ice cubes.  I love to add some coconut oil too.  I do NOT use a sweetener.

 My latest combination that I really LOVE is:

2 cups water, Kale, Collard, Spinach, 1 mango, 2 peaches, handful of blueberries, 6 or 7 strawberries, coconut oil, protein powder, fiber powder and about 6 ice cubes.

 Just play around till you get a combo you like.  The most important nutritional part is the greens…. So be generous in what you use.  The fruit really takes over the flavor.

 That’s the basic idea of a green smoothie!  Find what you like and drink one at least everyday.  The above recipe makes enough for my husband and I to have two fairly good size smoothies a day.  Or we will just drink one and pour the rest in a pitcher and have it the next morning.  It’s almost better the second day!

 Give it a try!”     P.S.—  Bananas add a lot of flavor to your smoothies!

I hope you’ve enjoyed following our journey for these 30 days.  I’m grateful I (we…hubby and I) did it.  It’s given me a great start and a desire to eat better all the time.  As far as weight loss goes…. in case you’re interested…. I lost about 10 lbs and my hubby lost about 15 lbs.  We are not complaining! Besides…. we feel great!

Let me know if you decide to give it a try!  I hope we’ve inspired you!


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