Day 4 of D.O.G.S.

Today was much easier.  More so than I thought it would be.  Perhaps it was because I was a little preoccupied by attending Leslie Householder’s Genius Bootcamp.  My mind was being flooded with information…..  I guess it was too busy to notice that I might be hungry.  But, really…..  I didn’t seem to notice any hunger pains.  I DID however, have a small handful of Almonds and later in the day a banana.  I thought I’d be getting more of a workout than I did and I was a little worried by it…… so I ate a few solids today.  But they were still things that would be a part of a Green Smoothie.  And, yes…. I say almonds because you can put nuts in your smoothies if you choose to….. I think I’m going to buy some almond milk to use as the liquid base instead of water.

Hubby’s weight down another pound or so this morning…. I was down 2 lbs from my starting weight on Monday.  This really could be a changing journey and challenge.  I truly don’t know how Joe Cross went for 60 days just juicing!


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