Day 7 of D.O.G.S.

OK…. I’m not going to lie.  This is not easy.  What do we always want that which we cannot have?

I’m also not going to try and tell you’ve that I’ve been perfect.  While I have added some solid foods the last several days…. they are all ‘legal’ foods, because I would use them in a smoothie.  So, technically I haven’t cheated.  I’m just finding that just the smoothies aren’t giving me enough satiety.   Perhaps I just need to drink them more often…. but there really is something satisfying about ‘chewing’ food.

I’ve also decided that I can’t become obsessed with what the scale is saying.  After all…. like I said to my husband today…. why am I doing this anyway?  Was my real goal to lose weight? …. or to start a better path of eating correctly and getting off sugar and other ‘white’ foods that aren’t good for me?  Probably both…..  but I need to give myself a chance too…. it’s only been 7 days!

A friend just posted something on Facebook today that said something about how it takes your body 30 days to notice the difference….  so I guess the fact that it’s only been a week shouldn’t discourage me, right?  Just give it time, Wanda!

I can’t guarantee that I will have days without any solids.  Perhaps.  If you see the protocol recommended by Joe Cross, the man from the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead…. he recommends a 15 day regimen that consists of the first 5 days being green smoothies and solid fruits and vegetables.  Then the next 5 days is only smoothies (or as he calls it, juicing….. perhaps because he uses a juicer not a blender!)  The last 5 days, you add the solid fruits and veggies back in.  Maybe I’ll find 5 days in the middle of this 30 days to just do the smoothies.  I suspect it will get a little easier as I go….. maybe.

It doesn’t help that I’ve joined the Pinterest community lately!  Seeing too many good food posts on there doesn’t help!  However, I’m finding some great healthy recipes that I’m excited to try when this is over!


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