About Me

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I am Wanda Copier…… here to manifest all that is good in the world by recognizing that what I am already blessed with is enough!

Thanks for joining me on my Gratitude blog!  My goal is to empower my life for the better while hopefully giving you food for thought as to what you are grateful for in your life!

I believe in the power of personal growth and achievement and am working to make my life better daily.  I love to remain positive and upbeat and know how it affects me when I do.

My hobbies are singing, acting and occasional jewelry making.  I love to be on stage and entertain people.  Anything creative rings true to my soul!  My hope is to someday produce an album.  A lifelong dream I’ve had and hope to make happen soon.

I love helping people to live their life more fully and with better health.  As a Representative of ASEA, I find much joy in doing just that.  ASEA is the greatest health science discovery of our time.  It is truly exciting and will impact the world for good!  I’m forever grateful that it has come into my life.


7 Replies to “About Me”

      1. Thank You. Life is learning, my said once. I think that You might get some ideas from my wife’s works. For example Fish which can be hanged on hand bags or nice Christmas trees. They are small. In my About me page there few presented.

        I can say that beading is a very joyful hobby.

  1. dear wanda,

    I was very surprised to find your blog, since I was searching for Govert and Frederika Copier who were on a mission in The Netherlands(Emmen)Hope everything is well wit them? We had such a good time together with lots of laughs and singing!! I miss them!!Maybe they remember our family that lived on a farm in Orvelte….?

    1. What a small world! Govert and Freddie are doing fine. They are getting older, but doing pretty well. I will mention to them that you have contacted me and see what we can do about getting some correspondence going between you. They don’t do much with the internet so we’ll have to figure something out.

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